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Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by Rockjumper, Feb 20, 2006.

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    Is it possible to change a lower unit from prop to jet? If so, is it economical? I have a 30hp johnson. I heard that you lose 20hp with a jet. Example 60hp jet=40hp. I would probally have to go to a 50hp to get the same power. If I would be able to jet the 30hp, it would only be something like a 10hp right?

    Another question, if the boat is only rated for 35 horse power, does that mean prop only and could go bigger if running a jet?

    Thanks in advanced for the info:)
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    Yea that is right something like you lose a 1/3 of the horsepower or something like that. Im almost positive it can be done, not sure about the economical part or how much it would cost but Im sure it could be done. Yea you may want to upgrade to a bigger motor if you want the same hp though. Merc does make a jet motor that has the hp that is on the motor. Dont know if your looking to buy a new motor or just switch yours from a prop to jet though.

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    Look up Jet pumps in San Leandro California in your search function. They cost I believe approx 1200.00 I have a 40hp and I believe it's like running a 25. It pushes my 1654 well enough though.
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    They have made some advances, but you will not get the performance out of a jet like you did your prop. Also the fuel economy will go way down. I know of serveral guys who had jets, but when the gas his $2+/gall they sold/docked em