Jet boat..454 chevy type..

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    Have any of you ever had one of these jet boats
    with a berkley jet hooked onto a bb chevy?? I think i'd like to have one just to tee off my neighbors..:smile2:
    actually, I see them for sale and notice most have a ski rope attachment on the any of you have any idea what type of fuel milege they get? The ones I have looked at dont seem to have very large gas tanks, maybe 20 gallon or so, My deck boat will hold twice that.. thanks!!
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    I would say they are measured in gallons per mile not miles per gallon. My guess would be somewhere between 3-5 gallons a mile. See one a few years back on Lake Erie that had 3 502 big block chevys in it. I figure that one would have costed me a weeks pay just to back it off the trailer.

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    I couldn't imagine you could get far with 20 gallons before needing more.
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    Ahhhhhhhh the sound of open headers at the crack of dawn. LOL

    I worked with a women that owned two of those in the late 80s. She had one with open headers and one that was quiet. Both had 454s in them. Both were brand new. LOL She pulled them to the lakes with a brand new IROC Camero. No Joke, and her and her band playing boyfreind boyfreind lived in a duplex. lol :smile2::smile2: Hey we worked in the steel mill with good paying jobs.

    She used to comment on the looks she got at the boat ramps when she was launching. People were in awe of the money they were looking at. She laughed and said IROC stood for I RUN ON CREDIT. LOL

    I'm not sure what kind of mileage she got, But I expect it would depend on how hard you ran it. She never complained of the mileage, so I suspect it was not that bad. But I think gas was still about a buck a gallon back then. I know she got ran off of Pine Lake in LaPorte, Those home owners had no sense of humor with a boat with open headers.

    They sure look sharp. They would be perfect for the Ohio river or some big body of water. I think they would take premium gas. A nice toy for adding some excitement into ones life.
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    That's one fancy bass boat. All it needs is a trolling motor up front and a pedestal seat or two.:smile2: