Jeremy's Night Catfishing Bite Indicators

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    [font=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]Originally Posted by Jeremy Rich(Cats4uandme) on Sunday, January 16, 2005 [/font]

    fishing at night. making it easier can be simple. heres some of the ways i have found to make mine easier.

    rods. i was using black rods at one time. they were very hard to see at night even with lanterns. out over the water from the boat and on bank.

    i took a can of white paint and gave them a good coat from tip to the end of the second peice. don't paint the last couple inches that goes into the butt. this may fuse them togather and or make the breakdown very difficult.

    this method works well. slip the two peices togather and wrap a short peice of tape around rod above joint. pull rod apart and paint above tape to tip. rus made a good point in oiling a swab and hittings inside of eyes. then the paint will remove easily around them.

    after i did this the red light on the right side of the bow made the tips glow like blaze orange. worked very well.

    bells. they can work for setups without clickers and indicaters. these type seem to work better than the clamp all metal type. those throw off very easy.
    problems with these type also can be tossed from the rod as well and the threaded ring breaks easily. these can run $2-3 for a 2 pack and higher in tackle shops. ive also had these bells fly off the springs.

    a cheaper alternative for the avid night owl like myself can be done this way. go to wal-mart or the local dollar store where bells can be bought in the craft area for a couple of dollars and ya get many per pack.

    take the wire ties from the garbage bags most all of us have under the sink or some thin craft wire and try this method. just as effective and much cheaper. loop it through the hoop on the bells. one two or however many ya want. make an inch of twists in the wire to make a gap between bells and rod. wrap the wire below the tip. not through guide but below around supports. throw off rate goes to about 0%.
    glowsticks. this method works well and i use it more now than the bells. they are available in a virety of sizes and in dollar stores and from the b.o.c store they can be found cheaply enough. also on online auction sites.
    [​IMG]one inch
    [​IMG]8 inch
    they can be used in many ways. tape to rods or use rubber bands and they can be placed to bodders as well. in the dollar store here i get 8 inch 18 in a tube for $1. they come with little connectors to make necklaces and such. i take these little connectors and attach them to my rod with electric ties. then they slip up and down the rod and over each end of lightstick for 10-12 hrs of light. these i use with no other light. i can fish with a few rods as far as 20-30 yards apart with nothing else but a headlamp when i need a cool one or to remove a hook.
    this method with a light mist of off keeps me virtually bug free on the bank.