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Jennings Bow question

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I got a bow on e-bay the other day for 20 bucks, actually about 30 with shipping. Anyway, it is a Jennings Sidekick II, I am guessing pretty old. Good shape, nothing wrong with it. I bought it for bowfishing. I prefer a recurve, but messed around and won this auction. Anyway, since I know next to nothing about bows, I was wondering if this was a decent buy, and secondly, it has a "flipper rest II" on it which I am assuming is an aftermarket arrow rest of somekind, a cheap one after doing a google search, lol. How do I use this arrow rest? It has the spring loaded wire that sticks out and it has a plunger type mechanism next to that that is adjustable. My curiosity is getting to me after looking at it for awhile and although I am sure it is not a necessity for the bowfishing rig I will be putting on it, I would nevertheless like to know how to use it. I don't know what the draw is on this bow, maybe 55 lbs. One more question. If I decided to bowhunt in the future would I be able to use this bow? Thanks!
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Well Jeremy,
In answer to your first question, any Bow in good shooting condition is certainly worth 30 bucks. As for shooting the Bow and arrow rest operation I would take it to my local Archery shop. A Bow is a very personal tool, it will probably need some adjustments to better fit you. The Archery Pro will be able to set it up for YOU. When it is set up properly it is more comfortable, enjoyable, and will be more accurate. The Pro will also be able to determine the best arrow length for you and can cut them and install inserts usually while you wait.Then you should decide as to release style, fingers vs mechanical and so on. There really is a lot involved in Bow shooting. Bow fishing is different than Bow hunting in that your point of aim will change due to light refractions in the water and the angle required to make contact with your target. As with all shooting sports SAFETY and PRACTICE are very important, so spend as much time as you can getting familiar with your new Bow. Ask the Pro as many questions as you can think of as they will be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you. I hope this helps a little. Welcome to the world of Archery, BE SAFE and have fun.
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Thanks Hookeye. I appreciate the advice and that is about exactly what I was planning on doing. I have been reading up on some other bowfishing/ bow hunting websites and it almost blew my mind with all the info and equiptment out there these days!
The Flipper II and a Berger Button are a great finger shooting combo. If your interested on how it all worked, do a search on tuning for finger shooting.........a lost art these days!! You could use it as a bowfishing set-up if you use a slide on the arrow, but the heavy arrow will eventually cause problems for the thin support wire.
Thanks Center. I will look that up and I do plan on using the slides. I have been checking out a bowfishing forum and there seem to be a lot of rests specifically for bowfishing, so I will probably change over to one of those anyway. I will look up tuning for finger shooting too, because if its a lost art, I will probably be interested in it, lol.
Hang in there brother im glad to see you starting to bow hunt. The best advise is definatley go to the pro shop and get it set up as Hook told you it will save you alot of time and effort and make it much more enjoyable. Good luck with your bow I hope you get hooked on it and stay with it.
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