Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler

Discussion in '4X4 Truck Talk and Repairs' started by ShilohRed, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    Thinking about starting a search for one in the next year or so. And redoing one.
    Anyone have one? Or ever own one? Now when they came out I hated them. They were ugly and just bad. But then again I had a 1079 CJ-5 when they came out also.
    But later in years I started liking the looks of them. So now getting the ideal of one with a half cab. To use to tow the boat to some of the ramps. And to just enjoy the feel of owning a CJ again. I had 2 jeeps and always had lots of fun in them.
    So I guess I will get rid of the Old 1974 Dodge 3/4 ton extended cab 4x4 and start the search for a CJ-8 I can afford .
    So any weak spots in the drive train? I about know the motor would be replaced.
  2. Bubbakat

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    Pete I had one at one time but to me the body flexes to much causes a lot of cracks in the panels that other wise wouldn't show up on a normal type 7 or 5.
    I have a good old J20 here that I redid a long time ago. I need to get it out and tune it up and run it some. I installed a flat bed on it and built a heavy rear bumper for pulling. She ain't fast but it will pull hades of its hinges.:big_smile:

  3. Philiagorillia

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    Get the jeep, keep the dodge, use the axles from the dodge to do an axle swap, rebuild them with some 35 spline inner and outer shafts, lockers and some 4:56, 4:88, 5:13 gears, check the tranny and transfer case, drive shafts, pop in some new u-joints and whatever need be in the drivetrain, and get a decdent steering setup. Get a nice small block to swap in, piece together a nice lift, find some decent tires in the 35-38 inch range and you should be good to go! I dunno if that helped any or not, just some ideas:smile2: