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Jason's Bait Tank

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Original post made by Jason K Walker(Syrus) on May 21, 2004

Back in early november I was sittin in the garage cleanin some dried liver off of some of my poles and i got to think about how expensive it was to buy goldfish by the dozen around here. Now granite there are many other types of live bait to use but i have better luck with goldfish it seems like. I came up with an Idea to "stockpile" bait through the winter months. This bait tank consist of a 110 gal stock tank baught at tractor supply an old bildge pump from a boat some pvc pipes and old (AT) computer power supply, one with an on off switch. A bucket and some foam. The old bilge pump runs off the computer power supply. Which on a power supply the yellow wires to the molex connectors on the hard drive connection are 12v, and either black is ground. I Used PVC pipe to route the water around to a bucket I had hanging with drilled holes in the bottom and thick mattress foam to act as a filter. It filters and it aerates the tank more than enough. Now you can add additional areators if you want or even a heater to keep the water temp in the 60's if need be. Now the whole reason I did this is beacuse at my local pet store you can buy feeder goldfish all day long for about 10 cents a piece. Now they are small but if the tank is kept up they will grow to a descent size in a couple of months. That is a lot cheaper than 4 bux a dozen, and in the long run this can save you money. This same tank can also be used for bream, crawdads and many other live baits. Just keep them fed and do regular water test. IF you have any questions just ask im willing to help any one out with making there own bait tank.

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