January Squirrels

Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by Sparky Larson, Jan 12, 2007.

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    Marlette Michigan
    I must admit I'm not much of a January Squirrel hunter, but the weather was so nice, and my old buddy "Sal" said he needed a couple of squirrels for a cousin of his.
    This morning, it was about 45 degrees out, no wind and a threat of mist in the air, I had to give it a go. I got in the woods about 9:30am. and by 10:00am. I had the two I needed for Sal. Both were shot right square in the head.
    I thought what the heck, I'd see if I could get a couple more for the freezer, being as I fixed squirrel for dinner last night. I was home by 12:30pm. had five squirrels all together all cleaned up and soaking in a pan of water. It was a great morning to be in the woods. It was quite peacefull, till the report of my rugar sent the squirrels spashing to the ground in a heap. All together, I saw 14 squirrels, shot at six, and missed one. That brings my season total to "55"! It's been a great year.
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    I'm thinkin we need to change your name to squirrelmanator hehe sounds like you had a great time I wish we had them closer to my home but i have to make do with bunnies

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    Way to Go sparky.Remind Me Not to let You take a shot at Me!LOL. Your New Name should be DeadEye. J.D.