Jan 24 fishing report

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    I got out on Lake Norman about 8 this morning. I started just south of the 15 mile marker shoals. No bites but I did get to see about 100 bass boats come sreaming out of Midway Marina. I was drifting for cats and stripers but I only caught 2 spots (they like trout too). Tough morning but I was planning to get out in the afternoon.

    Headed back out about 2:30, the wind really picked up. I found a calm spot at the opening of Stumpy Creek. There were bait balls every where.
    At about 5 all of a sudden I was surrounded by gulls and my sonar was covered with fish. At once 2 of my down lines went down. My son and I caught two keeper stipers at the same time. About 10 minutes later the gulls circled back and I pick up another on my jigging spoon.

    One of the stripers had 4 gizzard shad in it's mouth/throat. I had cut bait on the bottom the entire day but no bites. The water temp was 53 degrees (it is 42 at my dock 7 miles north of the 150 bridge).

    In all a great day. I will be back out tomorrow.
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    sounds like agreat day, here Im just dreamin that, got a skiff of snow last night and the water still full of ice but it is a good thing to here someone out there enjoying the goods of life

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    sounds like you had a great day!:cool2:
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    Congrats on the fish brother! Good luck in the future