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    Well today did not go as bad as I thought. Sometimes fish can fool me. The weather today was such a change that I thought we would do good just to get a bite. We did not smoke them but we did have a good day. We had a cold front with loads of rain high winds come in, cooler temps that has dropped the water temps from 57 degrees to 47 degrees in 2 days. Days like these conditions are some of the hardest conditions to get numbers of fish for me. Days like to day I am glad I have the best electronics money can buy. If you know how to use them and believe in them days like this they will pay from themselves. I had to run a round a little while graphing to marks some fish that looked active. I found them on a drop-off holding near deep water. The wind was so hard I had to use 3 drift socks 10 feet in diameter off the front of my boat to get me slow enough. When you have a sudden change of weather I have found that you really need to slow it down for the fish bite to happen. I like 0.30 mph or slower. I also believe you need to downsize your bait as well. I found the smallest bait in my tanks and started with them. I cut them down as small as I could get them and put them on the hook. We drifted no more than 100 yards and had 2 fish with one weighing 40 lbs and the other 35 lbs. With heavy rain after heavy rain showers coming thru we finished the day up with 13 fish weighing 269 lbs total. We had all the 36+ inch limit fish we where allowed along with crack fillers to fill the cooler with fish. So remember. Bad weather slow it down is the best advise I can give.

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