Jan/02/09 Lake Moultrie

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    Fishing today as good until God Showed Up quoted (Forest Gump). We got out on Lake Moultrie today for only a short time. Weather said 5-8 mph winds. Evidently the weatherman did not look out the window! At first there was not any wind at all. I started out back trolling and caught 3 fish right off the bat. The wind started blowing about 10 mph out of the SW for about 15 minutes and then It got BAD! I turned off my motor and let the wind push us for a little bit and It go so bad we where in 5 foot swells fast. We caught 9 fish with biggest fish 40 lb blue before I had to call the trip off and go in.

    The best advice I can give you when you fish big waters like here at Santee Cooper is: Have the weather put on your cell phone! I have The Weather Channel, and Accu Weather Premium on mine. You can pull up weather stations close to were ever you are. You can get hour by hour forcast, 36 hour forcast, and look at active radars. That way you can see the rain bands, an storms as they move to see if they are coming toward you or if they are going to go around. This can save you from time to time.
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    Some folks laughed at me a few years ago when I added weather radar to my cell phone because of fishing trips. Now, a lot of folks are doing it and asking me how the radar looks!!:smile2:

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    Andrews, SC
    Dieter, I've had it on mine, ever since I got caught in that Labor Day '07 weekend storm on Moultrie when you and Rodger were fishing. :sad2:
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    glad to hear you still caught a few fish, thanks for the report.

    I work outside for 10hrs a day so I've had the weather channel on my phone for awhile, and have several locations around the lake programmed in so I can see a forcast before heading down.