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    i've put the basketball away and now turned to catfishing.i live in chesterfield and looking for a spot on the upper james to fish and are ex large minnows good enough for the big ones. looking for some advice
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    Spring Run, PA
    If you're looking to consistantly catch bigger Blues(40+ lbs) you need to have a good sized chunk of meat on the hook. Most of the time I use a piece about the size of my hand (from the finger tips to the base of the thumb) and just as wide or larger. We're talking a good 1/2 lb of cut gizzard shad. If you use smaller baits, you will catch smaller fish. Occaisionally you will get a big one on the smaller baits but you will not be bothered by small fish if you use big baits.

    Kind of the same with the Flatheads...a good lively Bluegill is hard to beat...again, one that's a good 7 inches long or more is ideal.

    Let us know how you make out.

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    Brad I live in Chesterfield, I hit Dutch Gap every weekend man, maybe we can link up and do some fishing, let me know