James River the week of 6/1

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    Collinsville Virginia
    My 74yo dad is coming up from Florida the first week in June and wants to do some cat fishing. He wants to go to Santee and I told him that that was old news. I told him that the James was the place to fish nowadays. It has been 25 years since I have fished the James and I need some help to pull my big foot out of my mouth. Any info about where to bait, where to fish and where to stay would be greatly appreciated.
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    Anywhere from Richmond downstream to past the Chick hold big blue cats. I know most about the hopewell area so my advice is...go up into Herring Creek and throw a cast net for bait. If you can't catch any that way, fish there or in the main river on the bottom with night crawlers to catch white perch. Fish the bait whole(live) or cut. You can used a basic fish finder rig or a three way rig. Fish any structure, i.e. drop offs, humps, holes, trees, points, etc. on a moving tide. It doesn't really matter if it's rising or falling just make sure it's moving. Hope this helps and good luck.

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    My suggestion for the first time on the James in a long time would be to go out with a guide. The best time of the week to do this would be (tue, or wed). The reason is less boat traffic and the guide will fish more of his better spots. The guide I would try to get would be Cris Eberwein. If he doesn't boat a 30lb fish, the trip is half price. :cool2:
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    the first part of june is a kinda tough time . The big fish are mostly spawning, but they can be caught, its just a lot slower.
    I think if you really want a good chance at a a big fish I would book a guide and let the pressure be on him to produce.