James River Report Sept 25

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    Had fun today. I fished with a guy I have not seen in 20 years. We were best Buds at VA Beach during the 70's. Hunting, fishing, chasing gals, and doing all the stuff young guys do together. He called out the blue and said he was coming through Richmond and wanted to catch up and fish. I tried to get him a citation to no avail but he was mega tickled with a ten and two twenties. We also saw the dancing display of nine foot Sturgeons jumping down near Presquille. Made fishing in the rain worth it,,,,,that and my buddy's big smile. launched at Deep Bottom. Fished from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM. All three fish came out of one hole.

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    Thats cool to get to hang out with old friends and fish! Good way to catch up with each other. Glad yall had a good time and at least caught a few! You had an east wind blowing which usually isnt to good for fishing in my opinion.I was gonna head down and fish but that and the rain held me off but im 2 hours away! SO those are sturgeon jumping like that huh. Ive heard the huge splashes at night and caught glimpses of them coming out of the water but figured they were huge blues. How do you catch a sturgeon?? lol !!

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    Glad to see your buddy and you caught a few ,I have seen a few sturgeon down around that area too.Can't wait to get down there in november.
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    Congrats on getting your buddy on the fish. I know we're kind of spoiled when it comes to big fish but catching a 20 lb catfish in 90% of the other states would be cause for celebration. I'm sure your buddy was thrilled...kudos to you for making that smile (and memory) happen.