James River Report 11/05/05

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    Went out with a guide on Saturday. Hit the water at 4pm and fished the last few hours of the incoming tide in Deep Bottom. We caught two 5# fish in the opening of the pit. All of the good holes had fished stacked up in them, but nothing except a few dinks were biting. We set up fresh cut shad at a bunch of different depths. Had 11 rods out most of the night Very little action, not much movement from these fish.

    From 7-9pm we fished some holes on the main river channel on the cut through past deep bottom. Same story in those holes as well.

    At 10pm we cruised up the west side of turkey island and hit the absolute biggest area of shad I have ever seen. They were working on the top from bank to bank as far as you could see. They were working all the way around turkey island. Every time you start the engine hundreds of them would start jumping. Needless to say we had plenty of fresh bait.

    From 10-Midnight we fished around turkey island, both deep and shallow. Picked up one 20# fish and had a couple of good runs, but nothing really wanted to keep a bait.

    From 12-1am we fished the main river channel on the end of the island. Unbelievable number of fish in those holes. No bites.

    All in all it was a very slow night, but the turn on is right around the corner IMO. The guide I was with had a 65# and a 50# two nights prior and we fished those holes.

    Bottom line, it's still a blessing to be out on the water with friends who enjoy this kind of fishing. A friend of my caught the 20# fish, which made his day. Seeing that many shad gave me a thrill and increased my confidence in the lower James being a pretty darn healthy river for Blue cats.
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    GW,thanks for taking the time to make the report.The first time I fished on the James the guide was cast netting bait and I was literally astounded at the amount of bait he would pull in along with 3-4lb blues,stripers what have you.A couple of times we had to literally lift for all we were worth to get the net back in the boat.That river has food in it for its fish its a wonder there aren't 200lb blues in it and there might be.PM me the guides name and your evaluation of him if you don't mind.I'll probably be up there shortly and fish with a guide the first day.

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    glad you got to get out .. you're gonna be real mad you didn't go during the day saturday .. a friend of mine caught a 69, 2 50's, a 30, and one in the teens in 4 hours

    the bite has pretty well worked its way into the daytime bite now .. not fully mind you, but i expect the daytime bite to be on fire by this weekend

    as far as the fish around turkey island, yup i marked a ton there too .. i had the same problem .. lots of pull downs but not alot fully commited to eating there .. could just mean they're interested in moving downriver more or they aren't rested enough from moving in there for the winter

    turkey island will also probably have alot of shad around it for awhile yet, then alot will move to the backside or move on up to the backside of the power plant .. pretty soon here shad will get harder to find as the water cools .. not hard for guides or river rats but for the weekend fisherman they'll be tough to find
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    jim, yea we pulled a 15# gar in with about 10# of shad on one cast. I've caught small blues in mine as well. I PM'ed you the guide info.

    tank3544, man now I do wish I had scheduled that trip for the daytime! That's how this catfishing goes though.