James River Fishing Report: 4/6 and 4/7

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    Lynchburg, VA
    Hit the James River this past Sunday and Monday. Northerly winds and overcast skies and the occasional drizzle made the outing cold and wet! Bait was really easy at DB Sunday. Immediately headed upriver to my honey hole above Jimmy Dean's and sat and sat and sat. Out of nowhere, deep pole slams down and the fight is on! 40lber in the boat. Not five minutes later, the next to deepest pole goes down and I brought in a 32. Then about 30 minutes after that a 12lber. Then, I sat and sat and sat, and no more fish for the day. Got my Hooters takeout and Friendly's sundae that evening to cap off a decent day and hit the sack at the Comfort Inn.

    Woke up early Monday and loaded up the truck, and had my customary waffle breakfast :roll_eyes: before heading out. Bait was really tough. First set of the net I got 4 cutters in about 30 minutes of soak time. I set two more times, and ended up with two large carp, a largemouth bass, and two more gizzard shad. Two hours of trying to get bait for only 6 shad! I threw the carp and bass back, thinking I could get more bait in Richmond trying to catch some Hickory shad on R&R. The water was ripping up there, and the boats want to drift right by you or anchor 20ft away from you and cast at your boat. :confused2: I casted for the Hickories for a good hour and didn't catch anything. I had enough at that point and reaffirmed my love for catfishing. Sitting back and waiting on the fish is alot more fun to me than casting a thousand times. Didn't see a single boat land a hickory. I didn't catch any cats for about 6 hours, and ended up boating a 20 lb and 5 lb in my last hour. I was cold and wet again, but I was fishing and not working, so it was a damn good day in my book!

    Pics are of the 40 and 32:

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    Sounds like a better time than I usually have, anyway I'm going to go downtown and squeeze in between the hundred people fishing at rockets landing for some hickory shad and hope don't get a sabiki rig up side the head or in the face or anywhere else.later

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    Congrats on a great day out!!!
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    congrats on the good day and thats some nice looking fish there
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    Congrats on a good couple of days as you said beats working LOL
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    My brother just texted me in Uruguay. He said he was catching shad on nearly every cast and caught two 30 pound stripes off the back of the boat just down from the 95 bridge. Said the river was still stained but current wasn'r too bad.