James River fishing around Hopewell?

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by laughorn, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. laughorn

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    Me and my wife are coming up to fish the James at Hopewell New Years day.Are cats around that area now? How deep should I fish if they are around?Been there several times but never had a lot of luck. Its just an entire different kind of fishing than Kerr lake I dont know what to look for or anything else.We look for debris on bottom and fish on the flats mostly which is about 18 feet.When I looked around there I cant find no debris just bottom LOL.Anyone have any advise to help me out a little?
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    Chesapeake, VA
    Look for deeper holes - 20 feet plus. You're looking for "CURRENT BREAKS" in those holes - humps, drops, ledges, channel edges, boulders, trees, barges, etc...

    Don't know what kind of boat you're in, but be careful, the forecast doesn't look great for that day. The forecast is calling for south winds at about 14 knots and a little bit of rain. That's not a BIG wind, but it won't take much to get there.