James Report 26 May 09

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    A fishing buddy and me went out on the James today. We decided to fish a different area this time so we made the long run down to Sturgeon Point. Bait was a killer but we finally caught one good cutter. On one pull of the gill net we had 5 big gar and a huge carp. The little cats were abundant also (what a pain gettin them out of the net).
    We fished the incoming tide in about 60-70 feet of water.
    The first take down was a FAT 65 lber that put up one heck of a fight. We took a few pics then released. Then about ten minutes later I was fighting a fish and my buddy had the net ready. As soon as the fish got close to the boat another rod took a hard dive and started peeling drag.
    I landed my fish and then landed his. We had a 38 and a 35 in boat at the same time. Tooks some pics and released to fight another day.
    All this excitement on one 12 inch shad. I will post pics when my buddy down loads from his camera.
    I did learn one thing today: If you going to Sturgeon Point, catch bait before making that long run south.
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    Sounds like you made good use out of that cutter! :smile2: Congrats on the Cats.