James - 1/20 Report

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    Launched from Osborne yesterday at around 7:30am. I went with a friend of mine who doesn't fish much, so I was hoping to put him on a nice one. We met tank at the ramp, and he was nice enough to take my cooler and fill it with shad (Thanks again tank). I have the gillnet, but I also have a 10hp engine, so he saved us from having to motor all the way back to get bait. Then he took me to some spots on a part of the river I haven't fished.

    Man, what a beautiful day it was. Strong outgoing tide from 8am-3pm, which we fished all day. We were basically fishing wing dams all day, and every one I ran over had fish on them. Within the first three hours we had five fish on with no hookups, and one fish on that shredded my 80lb Power Pro main line on a rock on one of the wing dams. We did land two nice fish, both of them 34# fat pigs that were totally loaded with food.

    I stuck with circle hooks and smaller baits, but I agree with what tank said on another thread about using a nice J hook. Being able to set the hook would have boated a couple more fish. But I'm not complaining two nice fish is fine with me. My friend has never caught a fish over 5#, so fighting a 34# was a great deal of fun for him.

    I found a cool spot, which was on a bluff. The channel ran right up to the bluff, but coming out of the middle of the bluff was a very small creek. I ran over where I thought the creek would cross the channel and sure enough there was about a 5-10' ledge running from the bluff right into the channel. The current was running from the deep water right into the shallower ledge and I marked fish sitting right at the ledge. It was not gradual it was like a wall, and I could just see bait smacking that wall and blues grabbing the. We anchored and put baits all along the ledge, several got twisted in the circular motion at the ledge. I had one rod just twitching ever so slightly, so I pick it up and lifted the bait off the bottom and held it there. 30 seconds later the rod in my hand doubled over and we landed the fish, which was one of 34# fish.