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Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by sbowes77, Oct 15, 2007.

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    i have a 1854 lowe flat bottom with a 60hp evenrude on it and i cann't run wide open cause the nose falls from plane to driving down and when i start to raise the motor it starts cavatiting and the boat has a few dents in the bottom witch i know that don't help but my queston is will a jack plate help me with pulling the nose up and with cleaner water
  2. Goldenshinner

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    you might be either overweighted or underhorespowered. you could simply add a large hydrofin also known as a bat wing or hydrofoil fin. their are tons of shapes and sizes, and some expensive custom ones. most are probably more addvertising than anything. but bottom line... they will add control to your underhorespowered situation. ..a lot cheeper than adding the jackplate. if you go the jackplate route, you will be adding alot of weiight on your transome, thus increasing this bobing effect you described.you will also possibly have to remount your motor lower, drillout your transome, and that part is a very expensive addition that you more than likely wouldnt see much benifit......just my 2 cents.. see what others say also.