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  1. Jay Jay

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    What does a jackplate do ? How do you get more power with them?
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    They move the motor back farther into "cleaner" less disturbed water allowing for more efficient use of the prop. They also allow further height adjustment,"jacking", for increased speed on fast hulls.

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    When I jump my boat up on plane with the motor jacked down and trimmed down, here's what I do.
    First off, before gunning it I have my trim tabs all the way down (this will cause the bow to stay down= quicker hole shot).
    I gun it WOT, the boat takes off and will attain a certain speed/rpm, at this point I bring my trim tabs back up to bring the bow up (so as to not have bow digging in the water) and can feel speed picking up. When I'm comfortable that the bow is approx right, then I start jacking the motor up (less foot in the water) and I can feel the speed pick up some more, and see the mph/rpm pick up. I jack it up probably three inches. Then I trim the motor up a bit and watch the mph/rpm increase even more and can feel the boat pick up even a little more speed.
    There is a point where rpm increases but mph does not=not good, also got to watch water pressure guage to know water pump is getting enough cooling water, etc. So, ya gotta watch the rmp/ water pressure and not go beyond mfg recommendations.
    So there are three toys to play with to squeeze max mph/shallow running performance out of the boat.
    Once ya get used to playing with these things you don't really need to start out all the way jacked/trimmed down, etc. If I'm in plenty deep water I'll get all set and just leave them set for the whole fishing trip. Trick is using them in super shallow water.
    Have a nice day
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    Fine explanation of how you operate your jack plate, Danny

    I just usually build mine to get the proper set up on the engine.

    End result is, you've got less drag from too much motor in the water. If you want to get real radical, for big Mercs there's a lower unit you can buy with a front bottom water pick up.

    Danny, PM sent