j hook method or gut hooking

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    i fish with js and circals , i have noticed that if using a j u must let them have it for along time till they swalow it, or is this method bad, i noticed they will drop it some times if u let them have it to long
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    Willie that depends on wether your planning on keeping the fish or not. If you gut hook a fish chances are they will die from it. If you plan on eating everything you catch then it doesnt really matter.

    I personally use circle hooks exclusively to prevent gut hooks as sometimes I go catfishing purely for the relaxation and sometimes I go for eating fish but I still throw back everything over 15-20 lbs so they can make plenty of other cats for the future fishing and they dont have any chance of reproducing if you gut hook them and it kills them.


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    It's been my experience that if the fish is big enough to eat the bait(which doesn't take a big fish), there's no real need to let them take it. When they hit and start taking the clicker out by the time you engage the reel and set the hook he's gonna be there and you'll get them right in the front of the mouth more often than you will with a circle hook. If the hook is used like it's supposed to be it doesn't really matter what kind of hook you use, you won't be gut hooking very many fish.
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    Gotta agree with Jason and Wes.

    I have never had good results with letting a flathead run with a bait. I have missed a few fish that way because they dropped it after a bit, plus that just gives them more of a chance to get you snagged.

    I'll keep saying it: for me it's kahle hooks, rod in a secure holder, and the reel engaged. The fish hook themselves. When the rod loads up, pick it up and start fighting. It's that simple.
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    I don't know if this will work for you but, I use 10/0 gamma octopus J hooks. When I first started using them I would set right away and usually get my bait back, just all scaled up.
    Next thing I tried was just to turn the handel to engage the reel, (so he can't pull any more line out) then let the fish load up on the rod, (once you think he's gonna feel you and drop the bait cause the rod is about to pull out of your grip, then set the hook)

    After I did this my hook up percentage went up to near 90 percent.
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    If you like using j hooks give kahle hooks a try to me it cuts down on gut hooking and you can use them as j hooks or circles.
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    Well I would answer this but the guys have already sumed it up for ya.. ALL good advice