J.D.and PoorRiver boy fish Green Valley Lake By Creston Ia.

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    Well finally had a weekend off and George flemming(PoorRiver Boy) and myself went to Green Valley lake to try our luck on some channel cat. We would of fished the Missouri river for some flatatheads but the river is down and it's tough to use the local ramps. Anywaywe stoped first at the fish and game club on lake mannawa to catch some gills for bait and in about 45 minutes we had 20 or so and we headed of to Green Vally Lake, it is just 4 miles north of Creston Ia.about 2 hours east of Council Bluffs Iowa.So We got to the lake and on the water about 1 pm. and started our first drift in 14 ft. of water along the south side of the lake. George picked up one channel about #3 pounds then on our next drift we went to the north side of the lake and made two drifts, got a fue hits but they were biteing short and we couldent get hooked up. also we were now in 8/10 ft. of water. I told George I think they are deeper so we moved to the middle of the lake where the depth runs between 14/25 ft. deep, and the action really picked up. the channels were deeper as we supected. we pulled off the lake at 6:45 PM. as it was getting dark. well they have a nice fish cleaning station on the fishing pier but it dosen't have any light on it so we pulled the truck around and pointed the headlights dowa the Pier as to have some light to clean the fish by. it was sorta chilly about 45 degrees or so with the wind blowing10/12 mi. an hour so I was glad when the job was finished. we ended up with 9 channelcat #28 pounds total live weight, the largest being 6 pounds and the smallest 2 pounds. What a fun afternoon. Well if any one here in Iowa likes to catch Channel cat I would Recomend Green Vally Lake to You, It's a super lake some where around 400 acers or so with alot of bank fishing access and you can get them from the bank. Was talking to a friend of mine that had fished the lake the weekend before from the bank and cought 12 Channels rangeing in weight from#12 down to 2 Pounds useing Bluegill heads and Filets. We took some pictures with the old 35 millimeter and will get them devoleped and if someone could teach me how to get some pictures up on a post I would really appreciate it as I'm sorta stuped when it comes to this Puter thing. But I can Learn I Think? I Have a lot of pictures of fish I have cought that You folks mite enjoy seeing. Later, your Friend J.D.
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    That sounds like a blast, i haven't been out in over 2 weeks. I've been busy cuttin down trees and burning brush. on the new tree farm. i kinda got an area where i think the house aught to go. the pond on the otherhand is not quite spotted. But there are plenty of 4 legged white tailed critters runnin around

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    Glad to hear you got into them. I was just too lazy to go.
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    :cool2: JD happy to hear that you all had a successful fishing trip. I'm beginning to think I need to start fishing more lakes and forget the river for this year. Congradulations on your fine catch. Whens supper:roll_eyes: :lol: