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    went out all last night. docked agaist the shore on the backside of a deep hole. out of four poles i fished two in the deep hole using shad sides and heads. the other two i fished behind the hole closer to the current but still in 10-15 feet of water using bluegill (live). didnt catch anything on the bluegill but the shad was the flavor of the night i caught 4 that wieghed around 5lbs blues and 6 that weighed anywhere around 1 - 1.5. my ole lady had a monster hooked but didn,t land it. it was haulen ass and pulling drag but the reel didn't keep up and broke but what ever it was it was huge.
    it was better this weekend then what i have done in the past weeks but soon as that moon disapears the fishing will be good hopefuly.