Ivory soap for catfish bait

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    A few summers back I was on the Hooch and I noticed some white bootles floating down the river. I turned around theres about 10 more spread out. I realized that someone was upriver letin jugs loose and surnuf about 200 yds upriver was a boat drifting behind them. When the guy got closer I pulled up the anchor and eased over to ask him how he was doin and said they had a few 2-4 lbs and I asked what he was using he points at some little square chunks of Ivory soap.
    I have heard of people using Ivory but I kinda always shruged it off as BS
    He about fell outa the boat when I told him I had caught two 8lbs and a 12lbs Blues on live bream and let them go!

    Just wonderin if anyone else uses Ivory for small cats?
    I'm also tryin to get my 10 posts!
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    East Texas

    Welcome to the Boc.

    I use Zote soap myself, the pink color. It seems to out fish the white. I only use the Zote on my Trot lines. Soap is a slow bite bait but it is very effective in the waters I fish. I have found that your wasting your time trying to use it on Rod&Reels.

    Once again, Welcome aboard the Boc express...

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    Fitzgerald, Geo
    soap lines are popular here . have ben for as long as i can remember . i am 61 now :crazy::eek:oooh: