Ive HAD IT !!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'NFL Talk' started by jerseycat9, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. jerseycat9

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    Oakwood Georgia
    I am not watching another football game the rest of the Darn year. Go Big Blue Giants my arse!!!!! The only thing big about them is there Darn mouths. Shut the Heck up and just play ball. And I think that Brandon Jacobs may be more productive than Barber has been of late. Is it me or does it seem like since his retirement had been announced he hasnt had a Tiki like football game since?
  2. wolfman

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    Walter Flack
    I thought it was a good close game, unfotunately they got outplayed by Dallas when it counted. Maybe Tki Barber should retire or trade him for T.O. lol

  3. dreamcatcher

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    Terry, just hop off that train and jump on the Cowboys bandwagon. Everybody else is doing it...:after_boom:
  4. iowacatter

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    Eli has no confidence, NONE, they dont seem to be getting Shockey involved early in the game, like they need to.

    If they get him catching short passes early, they win, always have, but they dont even throw it his way until late in the game when they are already behind.

    Strahan is still hurt, and Luke Petitgout is out for the season, which mean that Whitfeild has to stay in, lots of penalties and sacks with him in there!

    And speaking of PENALTYS!!! Geesh alot of undisciplined play causing penaltys!

    I say leave Jacobs in the back field and put shockey back there too!! lol
    He'd be a gritty running back to say the least:lol:.

    Anyway, Im with ya brother, pretty tough to swallow, specially getting beat by the Cowgirls!
  5. FishBrew

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    North Texas
    you could always root for the "J-E-T-S , Jets!" :big_smile_2:
  6. LilRyjoe04

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    JerseyCat, don't give up hope on the Giants yet. There is still a lot of football to be played and the Giants are still in the thick of the playoff wildcard race. Here's how it looks:

    Chicago clinched the NFC north with their win.
    Seattle is 8-4 in the NFC West.
    New Orleans is 8-4 in the NFC South.
    Dallas is 8-4 in the NFC East.
    Those are the leaders of their divisions.

    Here's how the Wildcard race looks:
    Giants 6-6
    Atlanta 6-6
    Carolina 6-6
    Philly 6-6

    See what I mean? The Giants have the talent to make it to the playoffs, and the Steelers proved last year that's all you need to do is make it in. Don't give up on them yet. Good luck to your Giants!:wink:
  7. slimcat

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    marion kentucky
    Eli definetly has not lived up to his much anticipated hype. Whos that guy in San Diego, the place Eli shunned, Phillip WHO!!!! Tiki, needs to stop toe dancing and run the ball, which is what Big Bad Brandon Jacobs does.HINT
  8. Dano

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    Well I don’t blame ya. It was a good game at my house.:smile2:
    Throw on some hot wings, beer can chicken, brisket and a few ribs. Someone always brings the tator salad. We got tail gating room on the CowBoy wagon. Jump on and ride for a while.:smile2:

    Two Manning’s down and a SB ring to go. :cool2:
    Dang and the colts lost 2. :wink:

    Cowboys and the Pats. :tounge_out: