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    Eugene, Or.
    I know that this is not catfish news but I feel strongly that all fisherpersons must work together to protect our sport.
    If these exclusionary groups are allowed to do this in salt water will they not try for fresh water next? If they succeed in California what makes you think your state is safe?
    It has been repeatedly shown that recreational fishing alone will not deplete fish stocks and can be sustainably managed by size and take limits.
    The real culprits are the gill netters, long liners and bottom trawlers with a "I'll get mine now and the hell with the future" attitude.
    The current system of MLPAs that are being imposed on California by east coast supported environmentalists that embrace total closures is a farce.
    A better system that includes Marine parks that allow for recreational fishing is and has been on the board for consideration but has thus far been ignored.
    The only way to protect our fishing grounds is for anglers to group together to fight the extremist agendas.
    Join in the fight.
    Take the money you would have spent on that new rod or reel you don't really need right now and use it to protect your right to fish.
    If you don't you won't have a place to use that new reel.
    Join United Anglers of Southern California today!
    You can find them at
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    Right on Tom,

    Here in California, we have a lot of people who dont like to see fishing boats in their view of of Malibu, and other coastal cities. Our desert lands are "off limits" because of indangered this and that. Our fishing Islands are being created into game preserves etc. for non fishing...

    The you and I sport fisherman is getting the S H A F T by people of $$$ and little studies with science in mind. Our local state Senators etc are being led astray by concentrated efforts of enviomentalist.... They dont want guns allowed, and or new oil well drilling operation "in sight of their land and what they see looking out to sea. . To catch bait fish down in Mexico, and South America, and use it for fertilizer.... is a waste of the food chain. To allow miles of drifting nets at sea to gather some fish, kill others, and throw the byproduct overboard is "reel stupid".
    Thats what they are doing hear off of the California coast and Mexico.

    Fishing families, charters and boating operations are going out of business because of the closures these nuts have proposed for us to abide by, and there is more comming.

    We use to have costal abacore, and yellowtail real close..... Now its 100 miles out.... out of Mexico, where the banditios... mess with you when you drive into Mexico south from Tiajuana and further south....

    For the sake of water, the flow of rivers are having a hard time with enough to allow for the salmon, steelhead to return to the spauning grouonds

    Like Tom says... get active..... we are loosing our country out here in the west because of lack of knowledge about this "force feed Bull Poopie"


    bayrunner ray

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    im with you all the way.
    have been with united anglers for a while now. wish there was more we could do.
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    Bayrunner Ray
    It's wired you mention using Fish for fertilizer. I was in our local Comp USA store last week hear in Bakersfield, Trying to get a printer fixed that I had just bought from them long with along with a new apple Imac computer. Witch they will not Make good. But that is a story in it's self. any way I was standing their at the counter talking with this fellow, he looked to be in his early forties and we struck up a conversation and he got to talking about his business of making fertilizer and how the ecoli problem was affecting his business. his costumers were not coming through with paying their bills until that was settled. I said what does that have to do with your fertilizer business, I thought he would say that he was using Sludge out of the sewer plants, but he said he used fish and I said where in the world do you find enough fish to make fertilizer and he said it is trucked in from the coast, and I can't remember just how many tons an hour he said he runs through his plant. but it is several. and this plant is just out side of Bakersfield. And to the point loosing our fishing and hunting land, that is a story in it self. you just can't not imagine the amount of land the government has fenced and posted keep out and took from the fisherman and hunter, right in this area where I live. Makes me mad ever time I think about it.