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    I left a church that was embroiled in a huge split about a year ago. I'm really tired of church politics and hypocrisy. I'd like to find a new one but not sure where. I'm pretty well burned out on the stupidity of christians these days. The more spiritual people act the more foolish they turn out to be. I'm fed up with the amount of effort that churches put in to maintaining a certain image the the ruts and bickering that those efforts cause. I've seen it all in every church I've ever been to. Should I go back to church and put up with that crap or stay home and watch fishing shows on sunday morning?
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    In my opinion you ARE the church.
    You can believe and walk your walk with Christ without a building.

    Having said that there is alot of oppertunity that comes with going to church.
    The networking of people.
    A big part of church is the socializing. Not a bad thing. It can come in handy.

    Just go visiting for awhile and maybe you'll find a church that fits you.



    I myself am catholic or not :smile2: I dont like the things you talk about either and will probaby not go back to church again... I feel you can have your own relationship with god without a building as Mark J said.... the bible says worship, it does not say how much or where... that I know of... my 2 cents:wink:
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    go with what your gut is telling you to do.
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    My gut is telling me to eat BBQ briskit:smile2:
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    The Church is a building that people are supposed to go to worship the Lord unfortunitly People now go to be seen and try to run things they're way I know church can be good and it can be filled with hypocrites don't let them turn you away it is God's house not they'res if you go go for God if you don't stay in touch with God he will always be there for you
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    I found a perfect church once...

    ...then I walked in!

    Don't understand...what happened? :eek:oooh:
    I'll pray that God guides you in His direction, brother.
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    god says you must ask to receive , So I hope Jeff you will pray to God for guidance and I will pray that you will find the rite church It does not matter which church you go to there will always be someone trying to run it. That is also why people have tried to change the good book but it still has been the same for 2009 years. Can you tell me of something that has stayed the same for that many years, Our God is awesome and he will provide for you. May He shine on your life and comfort you with peace
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    Jeff your hitting the nail on the head for me. I have always been told that religion and politics should not mix, and like you had to come to the choice of go or not. I new I was going to miss most of the people and the chance to get answers regarding God and the Bible. I choose to stay away and I think my faith in God has even gotton stronger but that is me. I think every person has to find their own path. There are alot of good prechers out there and alot of good people going to good churches. But people are people and greed is greed and in comes the politics. Im sorry to get up on the soa[p box but im passionate abut this issue. Bottom line is prayers are on the way from Ca for you and your choice. God is gonna Love ya what ever you do. Sorry again for getting wordy all.
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    I told a pastor one time that I didn't like to go to church because of the hypocrites I saw there.

    His response was, well they have a better chance than you do then, at least they are there hearing the Word of God. :smile2: He was a good friend of mine, but was trying to make a point, which he did. It's hard sometimes to stay strong on your own, without support from other believers, or it is for me anyway. What works for one person may not work for another.

    As believers, we go to church to gather with other believers and gain strength from that unity in various ways, including learning about the scriptures that can give us the strength to get through this worldly life. Going to church won't get you in the gates any more than giving tons of money to one will.

    I always try to remember that Christ during his time on earth concentrated on those that needed Him and His words, those living without hope, without God. In that way I can somehow realize that church is for everyone and anyone, and to pray for all the members there.

    just my opinion.
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    If a church doesnt feel right, comforting, and good, chances are that it is not for you. But I am sure that you will find yor place. I found that there were some people that went to church on a regular basis but out in life would talk about people or treat them bad and i just didnt get it. In the mean time hang in there, treat people good, Release the big spawning cats and have a conservation with god once in a while out there on those cat waters when its quiet. that will go a long way to soothing the soul. good fishin to you