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    You get home from a fishing trip and you are tired, so you leave your fishing gear in the boat until the next day. When you go back out to clean up the boat and store your rods and reels, you find they are missing. Or, you are traveling and stop to gas up, go to the rest room or get a bite to eat and come back to your rig and you find your Sonar, fishing gear, etc. missing.

    The vice president of the Carolinas Catfish Club had a life time of fishing gear, batteries, etc. stolen out of his boat a couple of weeks ago. Several years ago someone enter my covered boat at my dock and stole my front swivel seat, catfish net, catfish tackle box (they left all my striper lures, etc.), bait tank battery, fish/depth finder and misc. items.

    I was just reading the South Carolina General section of the BOC and they are having a rash of thief's from boats going on.

    Bottom line is, if you want to keep your stuff, you better protect it at every moment of the time. If you are traveling, store it in your truck, SUV or car. And when you get home put your gear in your garage, basement or house. Most of us have worked hard to accumulate our fishing gear and it is a shame to let someone have it who has done nothing more than pass by what you have and decides to take it and sell it at a flea market for some dope money.

    Share your stories of how you have been riped off by an uncaring *&^%$ so other brothers of sister can learn by your misfortune.
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    I once had someone steal the ball hitch off my truck. I was all ready to go hook up my boat and no longer could do to someone stealing a $30 used piece of equipment.

    I haven't had anyone steal any fishing equipment, buy my buddy had a fishing kayak stolen at a boat slip on the water. These criminals ruin a fishing trip pretty quickly.

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    Several years ago I had left my striper rods in my boat which was covered with a custom cover. The boat was parked at the side of my house toward the back down a side drive. I could see the boat out the side of my den. I noticed the cover didn't look right and went to check out. Somebody had reached into the boat and pulled all the rods and reels out except one which got caught in the landing net and couldn't get out. They left the depth-finder, VHF radio, tackle box, just after the rods and reels. I had at that time another boat I had just bought and after checking it saw where the tarp was open and someone had crawled into the boat and check the rod well in that boat, nothing was in it. I had just had three rods refinished and they had my name inlaid into the rods, you couldn't take the name off without damaging the rods. Police was notified and filed a report, nothing was ever found.
    $1800.00+ to replace everything.

    There were three other boats hit the same time in my area and all they took was the rods. One man had put his rods in his boat at 12 midnight and when he went to leave at 5:00am his rods were gone. Boat was hooked to truck and boat in garage with door up.

    When I purchased my current boat, I had locks put on all the compartments including the rod compartment. all Boat compartments stays locked up at home, trailer hitch is locked, trolling motor is locked to boat.

    The one thing that bothered me was the rods were not visible, the people took the cover loose to check out the boat which was setting less than 10 feet from the house and easily viewed from inside the house. The boat was in sight of fairly busy highway but that didn't stop them.The weird part is of the 4 fishermen they hit all they took were the rods and reels and no tackle or anything else.

    Guess the moral to the story is that if you can't lock it up, it will become someone else's.
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    nothing worse than the feeling of loosing your life time collection of fishing gear. i remember when i was a kid my dads stuff got stolen once and he replaced it over a period of time and learned to keep it locked up in the house. well my mom was cleaning up in the kitchen one day and set dads tackle box of over 500 crankbaits in the carport of his house. it didnt set there long an someone stole it. funny thing is they left the couple rods laying there but dad was building a shop at the time and they went into the shop and took (10) 5lb boxes of nails. dad had bought 50lbs but they only had 5lb boxes at the time. well i was in school and just so happen word got back to me that someone i went to school with had our tackle box and the nails was the give away. they had them too. dad went to the house several times and never could catch anyone at home. insursance paid for it. the bad part is trying to tell the insurance company what all you had in a tackle box so take some pictures of your stuff regular and keep it up dated just in case it happens to you. i think alot of times its a close neighbor when it happens at your house. it was in this case.
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    Yes Michael, you are so right. It's always a wise thing to keep an inventory list/pics for insurance purposes. GEES, I can only imagine some of the ones folks around here might have just for FISHING gear. Be like reading a good long BOOK :wink:. Thanks for the heads up Mac, you can never be too careful.
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    i have had someone try to steal my gear before from my building but they didnt realize my door was spring loaded and if it was shut u wasnt getting in or out with a key. so they got arrested. and after some one got some rock salt in them i dont have any probs with thieves anymore.
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    Most thieves are looking for an easy hit. They have probably been to jail before and don't want to go back. So, a simple lock can be enough to stop 80% of the thieves out there. There are always the dedicated ones and they will get what they want. "Out of sight, out of mind" goes a long way to stopping thieves. Most don't want to waste time rummaging.

    More folks out fishing means more gear around and more demand for it on the market.