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Discussion in 'LOCAL INDIANA TALK' started by mr channel, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. mr channel

    mr channel New Member

    sharpsville/kokomo Indiana
    well its oficial,,im not having luck anywere on shrimp or crawler not even liver weres everyone doing the best at
  2. Southernraised84

    Southernraised84 New Member

    Fayettnam, North Carolina
    I would try cut shad, minnoes, eels, if you are tryin to catch blues and channels.If you are going for flatties try vut or live bream.It all depends on what you are going after.Maybe ask some people around there to see what there useing and whats hiting i would ask at the bait shop.Hope this helps

  3. TOPS

    TOPS New Member

    Skip jack works well for me. I have caught alot of blues in skips.
  4. sam

    sam New Member

    Martinsville IN
    Try crawdad tails !!
    I gotta tell you these are dynomite !! If everything else fails, most times i'll always get a hit on them.
    You can find them i think at any Super Wal-Mart store, least i get mine from there here in Martinsville.
    Go to the frozen food section for fish, not in the fish stick isle, go to the fresh frozen fish and in the freezer you'll find one pound bags of crawdad tails ready to cook. About $5.00 per pound and sold in one pound bags.
    You don't have to cook them, just let them thaw out and put on your hook. Old Whiskers just can't turn em down.
    Try them, i'm sure you'll like thr results !!
  5. typer181

    typer181 Well-Known Member

    That's a great tip Sam! Never tried just the tails. All my flatheads in the past weeks have been caught on live goldfish. It's hard to find skipjack around Indy, but West Side Bait has frozen skipjack sometimes. The few times I have used cut skipjack, the blues have loved it. I caught some small blues in Eagle Creek on it.
  6. HoosierPoleCat

    HoosierPoleCat New Member

    I guess i'm gonna have to move alittle farther south to use skip jacks. Up here the closest thing to that would be skipping
  7. centralcalcat

    centralcalcat New Member

    Marion, TX
    For channels Sonny's Super sticky stink bait in the blood formula has worked best out here for channels. All summer it has out fished every other bait consistantly.

  8. rodpod

    rodpod New Member

    Evansville, Ind
    I went out friday night and caught a few skipjack even though it was about 50 degrees and the wind was kickin at about 30mph off of the river. Then i went out tonight and caught a 13lb blue cat on the ohio river behind a wing dike with a big chunk of his body. And my friend caught a 3lb flathead and a 7lb blue all on those cut skipjack. The river was white cappin, the boat was doing 360's and it was cold. If you are fishing in a river, i would just try to stick to the native bait fish in there. shad, skipjack, bluegill, chubs, etc. All i fish the ohio with is bluegill, shad, and skipjack. And i prefer skipjack if i have enough time to try to hunt them down.

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