It's official I need a fishing partner

Discussion in 'LOCAL ALABAMA TALK' started by dinger66, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. dinger66

    dinger66 New Member

    north alabama
    iam gonna need a friend to fish with in around wheeler wilson dam , we have bought a house and will be moveing to killen al in the next month. i will be looking for a job i hate to say that .
  2. Kevin N

    Kevin N Member

    I too am moveing to birmingham I do already have a job there for me although I know nothing about the water or the fishing there or what is in the water other then fish we now live in Arizona where i would have never thought i would catch snapping turttles here it shocked my wife as well she is from the south and fishing in urban lakes ( Ha Ha they are ponds) i have seen parhanna's caught I am excited to get to a place where i can catch some real nice cats maybe we can hook up some time when we both get to the state as i know noone there yet


  3. williambevels

    williambevels New Member

    Hey start by checking out coosa river near logan martin dam. it's full of very large salt water stripe,slab crappie and monster flat heads and blue cats.just pm me when you are ready and I can show you several boat ramps and lots of spots to bank fish for big cats.the dams has a toll free number that you can call and fined out when the water is running.the dam also has a fishing platt form right against the dam,but i warn you in the summer it's packed but pretty much opened in the winter.there has been many of small 30 to 60 lb flat heads and blue cats caught on it.

    I would be glad to help any one out that needs the help.
    God Bless
  4. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    Wish i could help you out, good luck finding someone to fish with