It's Not Supposed To Be Like This

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by Katmandeux, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Katmandeux

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    Checotah, Oklahoma
    Long story short, I killed two toms, on two succesive days, within 100 yards of my camp...twice, I was sitting in camp, heard a bird, walked over to a tree, called a time or two, and that's it...season over.

    I've killed enough birds, and endured enough dry spells to realize that when the gods smile, you take what's offered, but good grief! This was crazy!
  2. LRTX1

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    Alachua, Florida
    Well, I know now where my Turkey Gods went this year. You got em! I have missed Two birds this year. Both clean misses. I have also had a handful sit up just out of range. I am at a loss this year, the all dreaded skunking is getting near. I have never been skunked, 12 years now. Turkey hunting is all about confidence and making good decisions. This year I have lost both. I have not cried uncle yet, although it is tempting.

    I am glad to hear you are making good with the use of my Turkey Gods!

    Keep 'em Gobblin

  3. 223reload

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    five more looong days till season opens here, hope we have a little of your luck
  4. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    With my first born due may 1st (my season open is 4/28) Im going to be missing the first 2 weeks of the season. I hope the turkey gods take pity on me and send a dumb bird my way when I finally make it out.
  5. jlingle

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    Altus, Okl
    Aahhhh... I just love dumb birds. They're about the only ones I seem to kill. Last year I called and called and called and right as I was giving up, I spotted a group of birds coming my way. Talk about weird, it was about 15 turkeys and the lead 4 or 5 birds were longbeards! I've never seen that during this time of the year, but I wasn't bout to pass up a good thing. I roasted the biggest one.