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    Not necessarily catfish, but without a doubt fun...

    My Brother, Dad and I went out to the Dumbarton Pier about a week ago to see what kind of fun we could get into out there... Not a disappointment at all. Within 20 minutes of baiting our lines, my dad had a bite. He set the hook (and snapped his pole) BUT - fish on... I dug out the cracked part of the pole from the base and shoved it back in and held onto the pieces at the joint to keep them from splintering more. After about 10 minutes fighting, we brought up a 54" leopard. No sooner we get it out of the net, I get a bite - fish on... Landed it in about 10 min. Another leopard at 49". Just as I was tieing these 2 up for bleeding, my brother gets a bite. He reels it in and lands leopard #3 at 46". I tie them all up and start the bleeding process.

    Over he course of the day we were catching a bunch of smaller fish - sand sharks, leopard sharks and several rays - I would say up to about 60lbs. By the way, I have never had ray, but after we threw about 5 or 6 back, this guy showed up and wanted them... he said they were good. I'm a little skeptical, but if anyone has a method to prepare them, I may give it a go.

    It didnt stop there... The wife and daughter came out and did some fishing with us in the afternoon too. We ended up landing several more rays (we must have gave 6 or 8 to that guy I was talking about earlier) about 5 or 6 undersized sand and leopard sharks, several king fish (that we gave to another guy) and even 2 keeper 7 gill sharks. It definately was a good day. We ended up going home and fileting the shark and had a fish fry - DAMN they make a tasty fish taco. I still have some filets that I am going to try to smoke, and I know I definately like them marinated and grilled. Anyone have a favorite recipe to try?

    Remember, if you head out, bring some heavy gear. The current there is wicked and the fish put up a hell of a fight. When I go out, this is what I use:

    I bring 2 identical 10' Big Water Ugly Sticks spooled with 50 lb Spider Wire Stealth Braid (this is about the minimum folks use out there - there are some big sturgeon out in this area as well). Anywhere from 5-10oz weights depending on the current (I pour my own, I got molds for up to 10oz). Some steel leader - shark teeth will cut right through braid or mono. Size 5/0-8/0 Gamakatsu Octopus (my favorite) and some bait saver thread/elastic to wrap the bait to keep the bait stealers at bay (mainly crabs).

    Bait used - Whole Sliced (up the middle) Sardines with the head cut off, Cut Sardines (the larger ones), Squid and Whole Anchovies (baited the same as the whole sardines).

    I'm headed out to the delta by Windmill Cove marina during memorial weekend. Anyone have any info on this area? It's near the Stockton deep water channel.

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    "Way To Go Robert"! :0a23:

    I'm in San Leandro - So I may have to good over to the Dumbarton and Check things out too.

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    Way to go Robert ,I've not been to dumbarton in year's... we use to knock the heck out the leopard shark's and ray's over there... ray's are pertty good if cooked right lol you eat the wing's on them my bud knows how to cook them up good
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    I don't know how I missed this post. Nice catch. I use to drive over the dumbarton from Fremont to Palo Alto all the time and never fished it. I bet they all put up good fights. I'm regretting never fishing the bay like I should have when I lived there. I always would go out to Tracy/delta area to fish. Way to go man and thanks for the report. Keep em comin.