It's been a good week!

Discussion in 'Guns - Blackpowder' started by iabowhunter, Jun 10, 2009.

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    South East Iowa
    It's been a good week. My 1000 once fired, primed .223 military brass showed up yesterday. I had been waiting for about 6 weeks for it. It was cleaned, polished, resized, trimmed and primed. All I have to do is drop some powder in them and seat the bullet.

    Today I was at Scheels all sport in Iowa City. I walked through the reloading section first and saw that the only primers they had were shot shell primers, nothing else. My son and I went to the fishing and camping section to find a new dip net and other stuff. Before we left we went back to the reloading section to pick up some cleaning media and there they were...4000 CCI small rifle and 4000 Winchester large pistol primers!!!! I went after a clerk and ask for a box of a 1000 of each. They had a limit of 1000 of each size per person, which I think is a great idea. That way one person isn't there buying them all up at one time. I stopped at another outdoors store and they had a couple 1000 remington small rifle primers. I left them there....I have enough for me for now.

    They had a good selection of all ammo too. Maybe the supply is starting to be more then the demand.
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    Primers in all flavors showed up at Green Top Sporting Goods in Richmond Virginia. Limit of 500 per type per customer. I believe things are starting to settle down. Hopefully the paranoikies have stock piled enough to last them a1,000 years. Knuckleheads. I bought 200 LR for my 243 and 308 and another 100 LR Magnum for my weatherby 257. I am 55 and only shoot when hunting or sighting a scope. Figure they will last me the rest of my life.:smile2:

    Glad supply is catching up with demand. I bet by this fall we will be awash in components once again.

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    So far primers and brass are still the hardest items to find here in Central Texas. I can't wait for this panic phase to be over. :angry: