Items to Remember to Bring Catfishing

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    1. naturally the first thing is a first aid kit because as we all know accidents happen! and we have all had hooks through the hand before right? lol

    2. a clothes pin or two, when you have limited room in your vehicle and have to break down your fishing pole a clothes pin is great for holding fishing line from your spinning reel! that way its easier when you restring your pole.

    3. a hat! obviously on the sunniest days (and not necessarily the hottest days) it can keep you from getting torched by the sun and heat stroke isnt really the best thing for a fishing trip lol

    4. a jacket in your vehicle or boat, especially in the winter months you never know when the car,truck, or boat will not start and leave you stranded in the cold!

    5. a blanket put it with #4 and you should be toasty till help comes or you figure out what the problem is with your vehicle.

    6. a cell phone the most important thing you need on the trip!
    it goes with the whole "you never know" scenario. call for a ride or a wrecker if nobody is home.

    7. if you are not alone two-way radios (for finding their location if you get lost from each other) you never know if they are going to fall or be stuck somewhere trying to get to a new fishing spot!

    8. a snake-shot pistol for protection, again it is the you never know scenario, especially if the areas you fish are back in the woods where snakes would be comfortable.

    9. a fishing kit lol leave it in your car or vehicle for the times you werent packing the "good gear" you can always catch some dinner if you are stranded for a little while.

    10. a survival kit , matches,saw,hatchet,flints,fish scaler,and a really good sharp knife, and just to be on the safe side a small but adequate tool kit.
    screwdrivers,wrenches,ratchet and sockets,and several types of pliers.

    11. a spare tire and jack for your vehicle and making sure your spare still has air in it! i got stranded like that a while back and it wasnt very nice lol

    12. a shovel or digging instrument if all else fails dig some worms and catch some fish! lol

    a container to keep the worms and fish in would help too lol

    stay safe and have fun!
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    Always. Always. Always. Take toilet paper ( paper towels, etc.) all it takes is one mistaken id of some poison ivy and you'll understand why.:smile2: I keep mine in a ziploc bag, it really isnt much good to have wet t/p with you when you need dry t/p. Pray hard, fish often.