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    St. Louis, MO
    Ive been wantin to fish for a couple weeks now but all of my local spots are froze. I was wondering how the do down at the dam in warsaw during the winter. Is it worth a hour drive? anybody catch any walleyes down there during the winter? if somebody wants to join me, ill prolly make it down there tomoro or sunday if i dont make it to montrose. Which would be better, montrose or the trailrace at truman:confused2:
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    Can't help you on that question,but I'm sure some of the locols around there will chime in and give you the right answer.
    About all I can do is say WELCOME to the BOC/SOC. If your only about an hr from Warsaw why not try to make the Mo.Gathering 15 ,16,and 17th of May.Good fishin.companionship and FOOD. Come join the fun.Read all about it in the BOC MEMBERS GATHERINGS FORUM !!
    Again :0a25::0a25::0a25: