It Might Not Be The Equipment

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Catmaster, Feb 19, 2006.

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    SE Kansas
    I have heard alot of different opinions about circle hooks,ect........ and certain types of line,ect....... for setting limb lines, some good some bad. The biggest argument I have herd about circle hooks is that when people are setting limb lines they are pulling up clean hooks too often. I am just here to remind people to think about other possobilities not just that the equipement they are using is bad. EXP. I have did alot of experementing with when the best time is to set my limb lines. I have discovered that if you set your lines before it is dark you have more of a chance of a gar cleaning your hook before a catfish has a chance to bite. I just thought I would reminde people to look at different possibilities for a bad limb set. Not just the equipement.
  2. TeamCatHazzard

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    Cat yea I had that same problem with gar cleaning my hooks on a creek I was setting them on out here at school. If I put the bait on during the day the gar just clean em all, but after dark its a little different story I get more cats than clean hooks.

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    Yer right about waiting til after dark. I know we have gar steal a lot of baits. What else can ya expect when ya can nearly walk across the water on'em. My main reason for trying circles is hoping to prevent twist-offs, or whatever ya wanta call'em. Thought maybe the mouth corner could hold better. Wanta see if the hook-up ratio goes up any.