It makes me feel guilty and rightfully so.

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    Have you ever found something that you didn't like about yourself? I have.I have got it so good and so many have it so bad.You people read my post.You know how good I have it and much of it is due to you.My electric wheelchair was returned at 7:00 pm this evening after repairs.Mrs.Wanda wrote them a check for $196.50 to pay for it.I was sitting there feeling bad and moping,trying to figure out where I can cut it to help her make the difference this month.Really down after being happy for several days.I had spent much of December really wondering if I was going to make it to this year.Everything had finely been looking up for me.Wanda was on the phone at 9:00 pm.A man and a woman were found dead on the "Beauty Spot" above Erwin Tn.The man was her oldest sisters Grandson.The third one she has lost.One just before Christmas.Her son(Wanda's nephew)has already lost his wife and other son.This was his last child.Many of you on here have experienced such tragedies or worse.I pray for all of us here on the BOC,our family's and friends every day.I have my trouble with illness and to me it is bad and often very painful.It is nothing compared to many of yours and others.I have no idea how you manage your losses and tragedy's.Mine often seem more than I can handle,even with Gods help,and yet they can be nothing to yours and Wanda's sister or nephews.I am sitting worrying about paying a bill or money while my spouse,my child or my grandchild is safe and so many others have lost theirs or worse.I hope each of you and God can forgive me.It is a shameful thing to do.My values were in the wrong place.I love you brothers and sisters.peewee
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    God bless you for being so human and humble. Prayers going out for the couple found at the Beauty Spot. (Makes me wonder if they don't need to rename it, with the violence that seems to be going on there) My condolences to you and your wife and family.

    Take care.

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    Prayers are sent PeeWee.
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    I couldnt put it more succinctly. You're a good man, PeeWee... but only a man.

    Although we people can surely do a lot of lifting, building, demolishing, and small-scale creation of our own, our shoulders were never designed to carry the burdens of the heart. This is why we need a bigger Someone in our lives.
    I suppose we were made that way for a reason.
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    You and the Mrs,have my sincere condolences. You're in my prayers!:big_smile: