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    hey members brothers and guests. I have noticed lots of threads questioning the theory of what we know. Hey we all have dry spells. And my grandfather told me once thats why they call it fishin instead of catchin. Hey guys some times the fish go against the grain and dont conform to what we call habit. But if they did would there be the same intrigue of fishin "no". hey this is why we spend most of our time pursuin rather than catchin. i will tell ya i love tryin to figure out what they want rathering than givin them what they want evry time. the bluegill wants worms. That si why we can catch them non stop. but i fish for cats and all kinds of saltwater species. one day its worms and one day its live fish. I think this is why we all have the bug of fishing ??????? Your thoughts :big_smile:

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    Its one of the main reasons I take several baits every time I go. On a recent trip they turned thier noses up at a bait that works well for me, mackeral. I like to be prepared. LOL!

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    Fishing is a lot like hunting. Your sucsess depends on your ability to out think the critter your hunting, along with being in the right place at the right time. A lot of the thrill for me is just being in the outdoors, doing what i love the most, chasing cats. I dont always catch fish, but i always enjoy the hunt.:006: :still_dreaming:
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    Like anything in life, if you want to be successful, take the time to learn all you can about the species you pursue. Characteristics, feeding habits, pattern, willing to adjust and adapt. Try to picture yourself being the species you target.


    Lets say I have a warrant out for my arrest and not aware of it. The best place to find me is at my home or at work or the shortest path between the two. If they wanted to catch me feeding, all they have to do is wait at the front door of KFC. lol
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    When we go, we bring a bunch of different baits because you never know what they will be biting on?

    I was out the other day and there was a guy using minnows and we was catching a few crappie and bass.
    I was going out the next night with the kids and we decided to stop and buy a few minnows for them. We could not get anything to hit the minnows that night.

    One night, they might be tearing up a bait and the next night you can't get them to look at it?
    Always be prepared and bring plenty of different baits?