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  1. postbeetle

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    It is is here, it is there, it is everywhere. Can't ya just feel the Brotherhood. Brotherhood of suffering that is.

    This post isn't a gripe or complaint, just talk. The only time I reach for the Oxycondin and Prozac is when my left leg don't work. Far from it. It is simply a post to get something off my brain. (Bet I got Louderbacks attention already. LOL)

    This is a post about the Weather. I know, I know, can't do anything about it. As they say you can talk about it till your blue in the face and it won't do any good. But blue in the face I am and about every other part of me starting at my toes. My day today started out and will continue to consist of preparing for survival. No not a nuclear attack or a couple of Muslims blowing up our local Wal-Mart.

    I got to beat Old Man weather. Gonna be a bigger game than some football contest. Could even be a super bowl couple of days with no tailgating and good brushed ribs to eat. Haven't had to do that since the late 50's and early 60's here in Iowa. As with many others here, unless you live in Tampa, this has not been a good winter. (Wish I could speak Southern and BG would lend me the airfare, I'd head for some alligator infested bayous and sit in the sun.) My wife Nancy up early, heading to town to work. Had to pack her 3 days of clothes because she won't be able to get down the lane tonight. It will be drifted shut.

    And that is just the start, the real weather comes in later tonight. An additional 3 inches of snow with 40 mph winds and wind chills below -30. Cool. I mean cold. And a pretty whiteout at the same time.

    Next, gotta go out and check the little livestock we have to chore. Will need to go to town and get horse food, poultry food, dog food, cat food. Don't have to worry about my food, got 12 head of deer yarded up below the barn and a lot of slugs if it gets real tough. Got to rebank the stock waterer so it doesn't freeze.

    Next got to start the diesel tractor and move it in the garage, if it starts. 9* here now. With ether by the gallon it has a hard time starting at 20* Wife's car won't be here a couple of days and I can put that fuel leaking, radiator leaking, rear seal leaking, hydraulic leaking 'Ol girl someplace warm so I can start it to knock down those drifts on Wednesday when the temp is supposed to go below -20. Now comes the real problem. Should go up to boat motor repair for this. My skid steer will not start. I am pretty good with a scalpel, but not a screwdriver. Got no spark. Put a new battery in yesterday. Gauges show no life. Ignition switch won't engage. Solenoid and starter won't activate. Don't have a voltmeter, so will have to get out an insulated screwdriver and start crossing terminals and make the sparks fly. Should take me a couple of hours and I still won't have figured it out. That sucker might sit there till June.

    Got to check the propane tank and see what we have for a level. No way the tank truck could get in here to fill us if we need it. Have to decide which chairs I will burn in the fireplace if the juice should go out. Had a 64 th birthday this year so I got a lot of candles (ate all of the cake).

    I quit drinking 6 weeks ago, so I won't have to worry about laying in beer. Although, maybe I should get a couple of 30 packs in case I get company.

    So how goes your weather guys? And I don't mean just a little sprinkle that gets your head wet when fishing) If you got it worse than we are gonna get it, Man I really feel for yas in a Brotherly sort of way.

  2. Esox Hunter

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    Birmingham U.K.
    My dearest John:

    I bring you greetings and salutations from sub-tropical Albion.............(ok, I'm LYING, it's actually only 7C but MUCH warmer than what it was)......... which means that I'm out after the LIVEBAIT tomorrow when the RAIN stops.

    As for this vehicle trouble of yours......ever consider getting a MANUAL transmission vehicle??? Just switch on the ignition, put it in 2nd gear, roll it down the hill, foot off the clutch, *pop* goes the weasel & away you go.


    DON'T forget the anti-freeze, if it don't help the truck out, at least you can cover it with a brown paper bag & join the WINOS in town, eh??:smile2::smile2::smile2:

  3. anchorpuller

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    North Caro
    And here I thought it was bad because I had to put shoes on to take the dog out......
  4. Catcaller

    Catcaller New Member

    Well...the weather was 61 degrees Saturday...50 on Sunday...and 40 for a high today.

    The problems are to commence Tue.

    High of 25...low of 13...with winds in excess of 25 mph at times. All the way to the weekend.

    No precipitation this round....and haven't had much to speak of at all.

    I saw some 12" snow last month...however it was of the "lake effect" variety up in Detroit, Michigan.

    I'm still milkin' that gig I had goin' on from work dating back to last September.

    It's not too shabby being a well paid traveling consultant..too bad it wasn't somewhere jutted up next to some tropical beach...instead of Michigan in the winter

    Other than that real winter weather to speak of...yet.

    I'm counting the days until mid March...the spoonbill snagging season opens...and we'll go stick a few down the river into Oklahoma...and then later as the water warms, and the sows push onward...we'll fish closer to home back upstream in the more familiar waters of Kansas.

    I have brand new heavy duty gear to test out this well as NEW honey holes...discovered last season in Oklahoma.

    It's a riffle that's just plumb ate up with wiper, whitebass, and spoonbill.

    I fail to see how this miles long riffle does not hold hordes of catfish as well.

    By the time the cat bite was on last year...the water went down enough that it was hard to get to the desired spot inside the shallow prop eating rocky riffle.

    This year best fishing partner...also an avid duck him a 14' flatbottom with an 18 hp Mud Buddy long tail.

    One of those shallow water machines made for marshlands...AND...shallow rivers and creeks. .

    Thank GOD for great

    We have a great time catfishing the rivers, pits, lakes, and creeks in this area.

    We got together the other day...and talked strategy for fishing 2009 over a few cold beers, and a few games of 8 ball pool on my table in the garage.

    We talked of wipers, spoonbill, bluecats, flathead, crappie, walleye, channel, black perch, and fishing dogs...past, present, and future.

    Our perch traps are in good working order after a few minor repair jobs we performed that day in the garage...I already have brand new 65 lb yellow Power Pro spooled onto my annual order to Cabelas for terminal tackle and other essentials is already put in...I have a brand new Frabill Aereated bait bucket...I have a brand new eglass snagging rod for last years new Ambassadeur 7000 i Big Game reel...The net is patched as of yesterday...I even have new anchor cords tied up, and ready to go.

    My wife and my daughters got me a dandy little compact Eureka 2 pole tent for Christmas for those all nighter trips on the weekends I/we take on the weekends during the spawning runs...just big enough for and momma! The kids can have the 5 room tent to themselves! :wink:

    That is when they can break free from their friends, the internet, cell phones, the bowling alley, and so forth.

    We generally have a pretty popular campsite when we back the truck up to the river there at the city riverpark during spoonbill season...there'll be usually a dozen or better of us close friends.

    The smells and aromas eminating from the iron skillet and the dutch oven in the cooking well as the multiple grills, and a roaring hedge bonfire right in the middle of everything seem to draw in a host of "friends" throughout the

    Good Times!

    It's not that far away...the fair and just time of year.
  5. kat in the hat

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    Yep...Old man winter is finally knocking at the door...or creeping in under the door, that is. Hard to believe that it was 65* day before yesterday. Couple of cold days aside, we've had it pretty good...if you don't count the tornado warnings. Getting ready for the sub-zero plunge just like you. I will feel better as long as Iowa stays about 5-10* cooler than us. :wink: Be careful working out in the cold, John...and everybody. Don't let those pipes freeze up either.
  6. catfish kenny

    catfish kenny New Member

    B-Man I am with ya....were getting a good spankin right now and it aint lookin good fer the home be careful ole man dont be fallin and breakin nuttin out there lone....we do love ya buddy! and want ya round here as long as the good lord will allow or utill ya get a boot in the touch witch ever comes first:wink::cool2:
  7. 223reload

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    John,There ain't no shame in being ccccold!!:wink: Hope you make it through tha rest of the winter ok,I occasionally B1%&h about our weather,But I know I have it much better that a lot ,Hang in there,Spring is around the corner ...... Somewhere.:confused2:
  8. SSgt Fishslayer

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    south carolina
    hey john, why dont you come on down here like the other folks in your age group. it is a breezy 73 degrees today and going to get down to 50 tonight. the coldest weather we have had so far was 40 degrees and that was a few weeks back. might get another litle cold snap (in the 40's) but other than that we are not going to get real cold any time soon. you are more than welcome if you decide to come on down. let the birds have that cold weather junk.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    And its only January 12th. Still got February and good old March that can go either way. I'd feel for ya but I can't reach ya. :crazy:
  10. olefin

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    Beetle, you need to move south. It's been a little cooler here but not all that bad. It's been 60 today. They are saying 40 will be the high by the end of the week. I'd rather be where we were about this time last month. :wink:

    Not been hearing much about Gore's global warming.

    I feel for everyone living north. North Arkansas is too far north for me.

    Stay warm John.
  11. whisker maniac

    whisker maniac New Member

    So what are you saying John...

    You're just a fair weather brother????? :eek:oooh::wink:
  12. postbeetle

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    Careful there, Maniacal Whiskers, you are standing too close to that whale should he open his jaws. You will be known as Jonah Whiskers Maniac or something like that. LOL

    Hey by the way, you still got that Arkansas Toothpick you used to carry?
  13. MRR

    MRR New Member

    Know how you feel PB.Their talking some pretty darn cold weather here also.Right now 36 and weather icon flashing yellow. Their talking COLD,COLD and more COLD.Least till weekend. I say every winter why do I live in his part of the country.
    John U be careful out there in that cold by yourself.Like me U ain't no SPRING Chicken anymore.
  14. Mac-b

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    North Caro
    Sir John, I guess by now you know how your sisters and brothers here on the BOC feel about your situation. How does it feel to have salt poured in your wound?

    I, like BG, feel for you big time, but we just can't reach you. Maybe next time in another life, just maybe.
  15. Catcaller

    Catcaller New Member

    SoutheastKansas was cold last night.

    13 degrees this am...with a brisk 18 mph wind.

    I did a little maintenance work on a crashed lathe and robot last nite on the graveyard shift...and it was in a straight line away from me from one of the air makeup units.

    What we not so affectionately call the "Wind Chill Machines".

    Fresh air is pumped in to create adequate we are a welding shop...supposedly it is warmed...and perhaps it's warm as can be 10' from it...but at about 30 yards?

    I was woefully underdressed with but a long sleeved tshirt...and a jacket was too bulky to do what I had to accomplish...which was stick the upper half of my torso into the front door of the lathe...while my lower half at the hip was turned sideways...sharing the modest opening with a robot that had a Brazillian submission hold on the live center of the lathe.

    Which...incidentally...I don't "twist" quite as well as I used to. :wink:

    It's supposed to be 6 degrees tomorrow AM...with 20 mph wind.

    But by the grace of God did I get that job finished last no worries about that particular area tonite.

    Snow showers and high temps of the upper 20's tomorrow...low of 19...and more wind.

    30% on the snow...100% that it's gonna be cold.

    Then by the weekend...highs of near 50.

    This weather is so crazy around here.

    During the day it just might very be 60 degrees plus on a January day...and then that night it swings down to 20 degrees.

    Once we start nailin' down a couple or three of those in a row here and there...the crappie, walleye, and channel cats will break begin to break from their winter doldrums, and commence towards a pre-spawn mode.

    It seems so far away...but it's really not.

    It might as well be tho.

    Hang'll be so hot that we'll all be begging for cooler weather before long.

    I suppose I should be happy I'm alive and enjoy the season...but I don't enjoy the season...although I guess I'm estatic about the being alive part. (It beats the other option by a long shot)

    I hate much that I volunteer for overtime at

    Not too hard to find pessimism around here during January and Feburary.
  16. olefin

    olefin New Member

    PB, I got my fill of extreme cold many years ago. :wink:

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  17. TOPS

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    The weather here in Arkansas is crazy also, we had to postpone the Sinker making/ skip fishing at the outlet due to extreme cold this weekend.
  18. bluejay

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    5* here early this morning. Supposed to get down to -3* Friday morning. Come on spring!!
  19. boswifedeb

    boswifedeb USCA Jailhouse Lawyer

    Thank you, Sir John, for putting me back into the right perspective. I just came in griping about the wind and the snow smacking me in the face until I read about your problem. Please feel free to fly down here and enjoy our version of winter. They say 9 degrees Thursday night but that beats -20.
  20. cheapNdisgusting

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    Yonder in Mo.
    At least in Iowa most of the toilets are inside.