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    You guys and gals need to read this, especially what the Dept. of Defense is doing with their spent casing. Read all about it at Read the March 18, 2008 story. Since then the company mentioned has received a letter informing them they can no longer buy spent casing, but can buy the shreded ones, which they can not use.
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    Not to worry. It was a temporary reclassification. Military brass has since been declassified, and none of it was destroyed. I would post the pertinent text from a letter issued by the NRA, but I couldn't copy it from the Snopes site. I hope this helps to quell the paranoia for a moment. I don't think it was ever an "Obama wants to take your guns" maneuver. The administration has also abandoned the notion of imposing more firearm restrictions, including the "assault" weapons ban mostly due to congressional opposition by yes...Democrats. Stay vigilant, but try not to freak out because most of this stuff is just a pipe-dream of the extreme minority. I would worry more about local and state legislation.

    Tomorrow, I'm gonna try and further corroborate my findings by contacting a friend in the reloading business.

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    The reloading buissness is dead. You can no longer get any primers, bullets, or powder. It is really tough out here. The distridutors are out of stock of everything. It is all over the USA. New ammo is impossible to come by also in popular calibers.

    I sure hope it gets better soon.
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    Some stuff is becoming available, bought some new 30/06 brass about a week ago. 380 ammo might be extinct.
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    I went to The Reloader's Bench, Mt. Juliet, TN yesterday.
    They had large pistol, large rifle and shotshell primers.
    Large stock of powder, new cases and some bullets.
    Getting low on the once fired cases.
    I did notice a sign on .380's, limit 2, 27.99 per box.
    Boy, that's gone up alot.
    Not what I need.
    All online dealers show "out of stock" on everything I need.
    Would like a couple of cases of small pistol primers.
    They were 81. per case on last order, noticed they are
    100. but out.
    Went to the TWRA Stone River gun range. They have a few bags
    of once fired cases, 300 to 500 per bag, tumbled. Price is about
    8.00 per 100.
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    As soon as the paranoikys quit hollaring the sky is falling and buying their own 500 year supply of primers, brass, you name it. good old supply and demand comes back into place. The market will be awash in everything we need before Christmas.