it happens every year but i still don't believe it

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    Well deer and ducks are over so we hit the water at Norman for some blue cats saturday ; what a bust fished 5 or 6 places from 50' to 10' and only caught 3 blues and they all came in a 15 minute span right at dark.
    So we thought we would hit High Rock and troll for some crappie. Turns out this was a great plan we caught 3 flatheads all on b&m crappie poles with 4lb test line. The fish weighed in at 22, 15.5 and 9lbs. The moral of the story is if you want to catch cats go to High Rock and troll for crappie.:roll_eyes:
    Oh yea we caught 51 crappie that tipped the scales at 31.5lbs lest the weight of a plastic 5 gallon bucket.
    All fish were deep, we were trolling between 25 to 35 ft of water with baits just off the bottom.:wink:
    If my bud emails me the pictures I'll see if I can post them.
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    Well if ya don't we'll have to whoop ya J/K

    Congrats on a good day of fishin

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    North Caro

    That sounds like a good day on the water. I've heard that Jordan was bustin' with the crappie brigade this past weekend. Some nice slabs pulled out of there.
    Also had a friend run into a striper run on the Tar River Saturday.

    Great time to wet a hook! Glad you got to take advantage of it. The best days are upon us.