It could be worse.

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    I know a lot of folks have had a rough time lately around here, here is a quick story about a gal I ran into today, I had to gravel her driveway in the country and it took two trips and I talked a little bit to her while I raked the edges some for her, she said she lost her husband a year ago February, they hit some black ice and had a bad wreck on the way home from talking to the pastor about arangements for their son who had just been killed in another accident! Wow, she said the husband actually died from some infection he got at the hospital (not staph) Her husband had just retired from Illinois dept of conservation. I am not the best at the right thing to say so I never said a whole lot, she seemed like a super gal and I thought I am not sure I could handle all of that at once. We talked a little and I said to her that I have told my wife that if I die before her that I would by no means expect her to spend the rest of her years alone and I said to that lady that don't you think that your husband would not want her to stay out there alone forever, she said they had talked of that also, she thanked me for listening and talking a bit, I honestly hope my wife would not choose to be alone after I am gone, it has to be scary out there alone at times, I also hope my wife doesn't have to worry about that for many many years !
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    I hear ya Rod,I know that if I go I'd want my wife to try to move on,But Some folks gotta use thier own judgment. Too bad she lost her son and husband that close .

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    ARod, I think my wife has already moved on and I ain't even dead yet. Should I see Dr Phil or Maurray?

    You got a sister?
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    You seem like a very thoughtful man Brother,and I appreciate your post. I can't imagine my being without my husband,he is so good to the girls and I.:smile2: