Is your boat set up right?

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    I think the biggest obstacle to overcome with any boat is the fear of making changes to the layout. I mean to actually make changes to it, is to alter what someone else has said is the way it should be. I have spent some years of my life trying to fix, repair and modify stuff. My first Aluminum boat was only 11-6, and here in California some lakes have a 12ft min. I solved this problem by adding my transom motor to the bracket that I made for the front. Looks bigger now! But this is not what I am trying to relate here. Unless you have an extra long boat like a john boat, the seating arrangements “Sucks”. Sure, to reduce the tongue weight of your trailer, place the gas tank at the back of the boat. But when you are going to fish, give yourself some more room, and move the gas tank to the middle or even to the front of the boat. Go as far as to even move the seating arrangements. I moved the back seat up to the front some. Use the hole pattern of the “foreword part of the seat bracket/attachment as the place to attach the seat in its new place. Drill new holes as needed. I know, “put a hole in my boat” I had the same “P U C K E R” feeling too.
    They are probably 3/16” rivets, just drill em out, and then make em bigger. Start with a center punched mark so that the drill won’t move around, and take em out. I opened them up to ¼” in size, and the bolted everything together with stainless round-head Phillips head ¼- 20 screws. You don’t have to use nylock nuts to finish it off, and brass might be better in the long run. It didn’t leak... just tighten the heck out of the nuts ….Use RTV silicon sealant on both sides of the hull, and unless you are weird you may have to have someone help you to get to the hard to reach places to tighten em up. What is next, you might ask?
    Make a platform between the back seat and the middle seat. Screw some angle iron 1x1 to the seats form starboard to port, and then make three ¾ plywood boards to cover the area up. “Looks nice with carpet”. If you want to be able to stand on this you will have to place angle iron at the lower side as a stiffener from front to back. Be sure to wear a PFD if you are going to do this standing thing high up on your new deck. You can leave the middle board out and sit “side saddle “To operate the tiller, if that is how your boat is powered. Now you have compartments to store your stuff. I went even as far as to “modify” the front “vee-area” at the front where you can’t stand. I made a deck that fits in this area go give me a casting deck up front.
    Light boats like mine don’t move so well being pushed by a trolling motor at the back… the wind blows you around to much, you cant steer well. With the TM at the front this thing is slick…
    I recall fishing with a buddy of mine. He was at the back and I was up to the front casting deck. I couldn’t cast normal with my bait caster, as I learned from prior experience that the trebles can hook someone’s ear if you not looking to well. Luckily, it was my brother that I hooked. “I did the right thing”, I saved the hooks, and plucked the lure out with my pliars. Anyway, in performing my duties of searching for LM bass, I inadvertantly threw my pole in the water with one “back hand cast”. It took only a “nanosecond” for me to jump in and get my Diawa Millionaire rod and reel. “It was down about three-four feet”, but I got it. My buddies “Afra-American” eyes told the story…. I swam back to the boat, directed the boat to shore and got back in…. Time for a bigger boat—right?
    So get out there and make some changes, or by a new boat and make some more changes.

    Bayrunner ray
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    Good post. I'm in the preleminary stages of planning an overhaul for my '65 starcraft. I looked at it closely the other day, and was pleasantly suprised to see that the seats are bolted in instead of rivets. Makes it that much easier. I plan to build front and rear platforms, floor with big area to land monster cats, lots of storage spots, hidden wiring for lights and such, and super duty rod holders. Lost a rod this year holder and all. :( I plan to do like you said and build angle iron frames, and plywood with carpet. Gotta be able to get the pannels out easy to was off all the slime. Went this summer and caught a few hundred pounds of catfish, and the amount of slime was unbelievable!!!


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    Your boat is set up rite if it works for you. Then again we all know its never done! LOL!
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    Yes good post! I also have moved seats around in a boat to my advantage. Was customizing a john boat to shrimp out of.
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    Good post Ray,
    In 2003 I bought a brand new 19' Alumacraft and spent the next several months changing things and messing with it. My wife was totally frustrated by my activities. She kept saying "Why didn't we just buy the right boat to begin with"? I explained that the right boat just doesn't exist off the shelf, it's something you have to do for yourself. In the end she said "It must be a guy thing" and now never questions why I change things...W
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    Shoot the day I brought my 2003 War-Eagle 2072 SLDV home I drilled 17 holes in it.
    Then put a scratch on the same day. That way the new part is over.
    Then in 2004 I bought the 1754 and also drilled a few holes in it. To add seat bases where I needed them Not where the factory set them up. Also took out both back seats one on each side of the boat.

    Make it fit the way you fish. Not the way the boat is..