Is your boat hard to load and unload?

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    My 1448 flatbottom jon was a bear to load and unload on my bunk trailer without enough water to float the boat on and off. I came close to aborting a fishing trip the other day because the ramp closest to my catfishing hole sucks. Back tires on truck were wet, and the bunks weren't even wet on the trailer! I've tried candle wax, which works good for a couple of load/unload cycles, and even thought about roller bunks (which are reallly expensive). I had bought a set of bunk slicks from boaters world, and i actually think they were worse than without them.

    The solution: I did some research and found UHMW plastic. Its very tough, and supposed to be as slippery as Teflon. I bought two 5' sticks of this stuff, 1.5" wide by 1/2" thick. I rounded the back end and drilled/countersunk holes, and screwed it down to the bunks (after removing the carpet). This stuff is SLICK!!! I could have cranked the boat onto the trailer with one finger, and that was with only 4 inches of bunk in the water. For $20.70 plus shipping, i have finally solved my problem.

    I got mine from: and search for UHMW. Its under bar stock. I hope this helps someone else out. I struggled with this boat for 2 years! Just dont unhook your winch until you're ready for the boat to come off the trailer.