Is this what I should expect here on out at the 378 bridge..

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    Well had the day off yesterday so I went up to the same spot I always fish. I get there and and don't you know it, the same guys I see there every time I go with a stringer full of random fish from 1 inch to 12 inches are there doing it again. What could these people possibly do with all these fish everyday and what can you do with a little 4 inch perch? Eat them whole I guess?

    Anyway thats not the point of this rant. I was sitting there from about 3 till 5. I got one little cat 2# area and figured I would be able to pull a few more like that so I put him on the stringer for some table fare. Pulled in a nice size shellcracker. I don't usually keep those, but he was a good size and was gut hooked anyway, so I figured might as well eat it since it will die anyway.

    So its about 5 o'clock and then some people pull up and go down to the edge of the river and crack open a beer and just lounge. And thats fine, seems like a good idea to me. Then a car with 4, well I don't want to say Mexicans because I don't know for sure, so 4 latinos pull up. They head down to the edge of the river and next thing I know they are in it. Just splashing around and having a good time. Which is also fine for now, but then the started drifting down closer and closer to me which is not fine. I am trying to fish and they are probably 10 yards from my lines carrying on in the water like I am not even there. So I get mad and pack up my gear. As soon as the first pole is reeled in and placed in the car I look out and they are right where it was. If it would have been in the water 5 minutes longer I would have caught me a non english speaking american.

    So anyway is this what I should expect at this location the rest of the summer? If so I might just have to put the poles away until it cools off again which sucks since it stays hot here so long. If I have said it once I have said it a million times, boy do I need a boat.

    Sorry about the rant, just needed to vent that.
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    Tell 'em, grande gators en aqua

    or...mucho serpientes en el banko...

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    if you were on wateree wait till about 15 of them come walking down the bank with coolers and cast nets keeping every single fish they catch. saw them once with 3 coolers slam full of stripers less than 12 inches long. and not a warden in sight.
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    do you know where the shaw air force campground is on lake wateree,its right at clearwater cove landing,there is a good bit of area there for bank fishing,its all on the same road right off of hwy 97 out of camden,it may not be the best spot on the lake,but i imagine it would not be bad,you for sure would not have to put up with quite as much as you have been
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    I think Smuggo hit the nail on the head just tell them you just saw a 12ft gator just rolled off the bank chasing a 4ft snake down. lol I hope it works out for you.

    Welcome to the Boc smuggo.
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    Sounds like you are limited to bank fishing, if so, you should check out the "rediversion" canal on lake moultrie. It has several access points in te st. stephens area and not a bad ride from sumter. Pretty decent night fishing and with stink bait always plenty of channel cat in there in the daytime. The best part is swimmingis not allowed, vehicles are not allowed. It's a nice place to have a relaxing bank fishing trip.
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    There are a few good options around the lake system that may help you fish from a bank. Here are some random thoughts:

    1. Forget the boat ramps and local swimming holes

    2. Indian Bluff about 4 miles below Santee has a public fishing dock, but I don't think it is open at night

    3. The West Dike on Lake Moultrie has about 4 miles of wide open clean lake access ( you just have to be careful climbing down if you fish in the areas lined with'll seldom see more than 2-3 people fishing there, so you'll have it all to yourself. I think you'd do well there at night and you have shallow and deeper water options

    4. Rediversion Canal as "wolf" mentioned is a good option. It may be worth the extra drive for you to try out some better spots

    5. As far as I know you can fish off of the Marion Dam? I assume you can, I don't ever go over there

    6. If you like fishing in the river, you can buy a pretty cheap jon boat with a small motor and have a blast, but just stay off the lake with it
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    hey, i am stationed at shaw to, fish that river like crazy. I am always looking for fishin buds, shoot me an email.