Is this a bad year

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by slikk03, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. slikk03

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    last year i caught five flat heads wich was good for me this year im not even getting any good runs, can anyone tell me what is going on the nights have been in the 60 s is this to cold ,also when fishing a dam should i fish shallow or deep
  2. PhillyCatcatcher4

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    Don't feel bad I have never caught a flathead over 10lbs.:0a28: Not ever,at least not yet. :smile2:

  3. s_man

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    south east ohio
    I only have experience at low head dams not the giant roller dams on the big rivers. In the heat of the summer I catch most of my flats in the deepest parts of the scour hole. Probably because thats where I mainly fish lol. But over the yrs fishing both deep and the flat downstream from the dam I just caught more in the hole. Usually the water is hot and low and slow. So the flats can hang out in the white water under the dam with little effort. All that turbulence creates oxygen that the baitfish crave which calls in the flatheads. But this time of year they have plenty to eat so its a game of hit or miss at the dams. I personnaly would reccommend fishing deep, as close to the face of the dam as you can cast.
  4. mattoonboy4

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    i've never really been a big fan of fishin under the dam so i dont really know the ropes. yet, i have had a pretty good year fishin up river from the lake. 7 flatties from 2 to 40 lbs. i think a big part of it is that the bait fish have been comin up out of the lake into the river and therefor the flathead have followed.