Is there something wrong with my drift setup?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by JPritch, Mar 9, 2009.

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    Question for you experienced drifters.....I fish a tidal river, so I never really drift. I anchor up. However, when I fish a particular shallow bay on the river, there is no current in there, and this past weekend with a nice breeze and lack of fish biting, I decided to let the wind drift me around in there in hopes of covering more water.

    I use a fish finder rig, approx 24" leader, 10/0 Owner circle hook, and kept the 10oz disc sinker on there too. I let the rig hit the bottom, gave it a reel or two to get it off the bottom, then commenced the drift. I had a huge takedown on each of my two drifts, but they never hooked up.

    I was just wondering if the way I did it is preventing my chances of hooking up, or just happened to be bad luck that I didn't catch those two fish. Drifting in there is something I want to do more often, as it allows me to cover alot more water. So I want to get my technique right.

    Thanks for the tips!
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    Contorolled drifting with bottom bouncers is big in the carolinas when lake fishing.
    You can search by drift rigs or santee rigs but they consist of a slider with slinky weight. Wyliecat has a couple videos on you tube linked to BOC for rigs and another for making slinkys. Optimal speed in the lakes are less than0.5 mph but you may have some current issues.
    PM me if you need additional info.