Is there any answer to this problem?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by flathunter, Aug 7, 2007.

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    I fish the scioto river, and I know of alot of people who take flatheads out of the river and sell them to places you have to pay to fish, which is illegal in Ohio..I talked to a game warden about it a couple years ago and his answer was " it's just the scioto, they are just catfish who cares"..With that kind of attitude I dont see any hope.
  2. Swampy

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    Jack about the only thing you can do is call your DNR state office. Seeing its seems your local officer don't care about that river and or catfish. Go above the local office and hopefully someone will check into this problem in your area.

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    Unfortunately that's the mindset of way to many people. We don't have flatties or blues up here just channel cat and the majority of people considered them a trash fish. People need to be educated about the value of all fish that are native to the U.S. and you would think that the D.E.C. would play a major role in that education. The fact of the matter is that they don't in a lot of areas. Every chance i get i try to get folks to understand my point of view when it comes to channel cat. I just hope that people get the message before its to late. All i can tell you Brother is to be vocal every time you get the chance. If everyone would do that maybe we can make a difference!!
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    Contact the district headquarters about the problem and see what they tell you. District Three, where I'm at is a lot more supportive of our efforts to preserve our resources. Of course, they like the act that I send them a report after each tournament we hold detailing the number and size of the fish caught.
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    With an attitude like that he is definitely part of the problem. That comment should be enough grounds to relieve him of his job...W
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    GC, OHIO
    Take pics or video if at all possible. 1 idiot getting arrested and the word being spread may be enough to make people think twice. That definatly sucks man!!!
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    That is how those pay lakes stay in business. There was a link to one of those lakes on this website in a post a few weeks ago and I was AMAZED at the size of the fish that came out of this particular pay lake. Flatheads and Blues. Tons of people fishing there also. As long as they do big business they will not go away.
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    Same problem down this way but on the Ohio. I know several people that sell every flathead they catch to a certain pay pond close to the river. He pays good money for them and buys them all...Big and small.
    I've fished with people that do it and they tried to get me to sell the flatties I catch. No matter how bad I need the money I won't do it. I just think its wrong and unethical.
    I think we've lost the battle,,,They(pay ponds) are popping up everywhere and tons of people are selling them(catfish) and fishing them!
    I wish we could do something but I think were outnumbered!
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    I went to a meeting at the Virginia Game commission about two weeks ago where taking large Blue Cats out for sale was on the agenda. We were just able to get a law passed a year ago to put a one fish over 32 inch limit per day. It was unlimited before and still no limit on Tidal James smaller than 32 inch blue cats. We recreational guys and the guides pushed for this one big fish rule to protect the great big blue fishery we have. The pay lake boys were trying to undo our work. End of meeting after lots spoke, no change from the one big fish rule. We won that day but have to stay viligent to keep our wonderful fishery for Blue Cats. Since money is involved, I am sure it will come up again.
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    jack, hang in there buddy.

    hum, can you file a conduct un-becoming an officer on a co. ? lol

  11. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    Sarver, Pa
    Its kinda ironic that the Catfish is viewed as a trash by the fish commission yet people are willing to pay to go catch them at those pay lakes! :confused2: I don't know of any pay ponds in my local area, thank god, so I don't have to put up with this problem but out in the eastern part of Pa. they remove Flattys from fish ladders and leave them to die! :angry: You would think they could at least sell them to Ohio pay ponds rather than wasting them!!!:crazy:
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    Little by little things will be changing. As more catfisherman become educated on the importance of releasing big fish, flathead or otherwise, and become more vocal agencies will have to listen.

    I am optomistic as it seems that more and more areas are getting some regulations, whereas before there was nothing. Be loud so that you can be heard.

    Enforcement is another issue altogether, but without the regs enforcement is irrelevant.
  13. JAinSC

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    South Carolina
    I agree that it would be a good idea to go over the officer's head to complain about his attitude. It sounds like he has decided not to bother enforcing the law.

    Now, in his defense, he may have tried before and got no where. Even when the conservation officers do make a case, a lot of times the judge/magistrate treats this sort of thing like a joke with penalties less than a traffic ticket. It's also tough to make a case. The officer has to be able to follow the fish from capture all the way to sale, otherwise they can't make the case. Just seeing someone take fish is not illegal, and generally niether is selling catfish - if they came from some other source, so they need to be able to swear that the fish being sold were the same ones they saw caught...
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    sad as it is we are also having similar problems here localy. several have been prosecuted for selling the meat. infact some very sophisticated undercover sting operations are underway. with potentialy serrious fines.unfortunatly the prosecuted outcomings often are not inline with the vilolations. several large comercial operations were fined recently, but the few i have heard about got fines in the several thousand dollar range with loss of equipment, loss of fishing lisense. but a loss of home , vehical and buissness would seem more reasonable. as a result the populations sustainability might require further lowering from the now(recently lowered) one big flattie we are allowed. what i would add to this disscussion is that it is possible to test the meat and gills for chemical traces that would indicate that the fish were taken from a particular water. we have seen alot of fish that were brought in(to contests) from other waterways and that shows up easily on gill testing. In our case all the known waterways(in our state) are under Polution control limited consumption advisories. with women and kids advised no safe consumption, and adult males one small meal per month. I think that any restraunt serving all you can eat catfish fry of such contaminated meat could suffer expensive lawsuits by potential victims. I think we could even see a rash of systematic well organized lawsuits by people who search out such legal goldmines. i would imagine a receipt to a local combined with a test of the meat would be sufficent to form a successfull case.
    also of relation(and i hate to rat and rave) but recently our amature competitions and contests have had poor results. i hate to think this is somehow related to overharvesting by illegel poachers.

    finaly i would mention that in most states you are required a comercial aquaculture permit or liscense to farm fish. as there have been a number of agricultural issues with pay lakes, comercial fisheries. they may be required to show proof of obtaining the said specimens from a legitimate private farmer, as the harvesting of wild animals for private comercial use usualy requires a permit.. they may also be required at the state level to show proof that said animals have met standards of viral testing for sevaral aquatic viriuses that are recently becoming a problem for fisheries operations. not to mention the transport of such a live animal also requires strict rules, and permiting, and licesensing of everything down to the vehical and often the county that it will operate in. check with your local fish and wildlife agency both at the state and federal level. you might even call fish and wildlife at the airport(who is incharge of seting up international imports), they will atleast probably be familar who who localy. oh and good luck
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    We had a few pay ponds pop up around here but they didn't last long. I know 2 of them lost lots of money on building the the places due to vary few ppl willing to pay to fish them. We are lucky here when it comes to fiding places to catch cats,seems if there is water there is some breed of catfish in it.

    Pay ponds should only be able to stock their ponds with farm breed chann cats. If they would place that into law & regs for pay ponds then DNR would have the right to check ponds from time to time for large blues & flats. If they are found return them to the rivers/lakes and ticket the owners. If found at the same place more then 2 -3 times ticket the owners and shut the ponds down remove all fish cover/fill in ponds at the cost of the owners and bann them from re-opening within a set number of years.
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    that's awesome.
  17. Blacky

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    At least the flatheads where you live get re-released into a paylake where it has a good chance of survival. The flatheads in the local rivers I fish get released on the bank or rocks, stabbed to death, gutted then released, or firecrackered! Out where I live they are considered invasive and the PA Fish and Boat Commission says no CPR of flatheads.

    And you thought the flatheads in the Scioto had problems!:wink:

    Nice thread bro!
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    That is a shame that an "official" doesn't care enough about his own job that he is willing to paricipate in this type of conduct by doing nothing and not caring. Perhaps he should be reported. I am sure there would be someone else that would like to have his job and would make an attempt to stop or at least slow down this kind of behavior.
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    That's what I'd do...Call his boss at the state office and explain...Better yet, you have an option at your state website to contact the state about it...Get it down on your computer that you sent the message to the state and they didn't do anything about it....If they can't write a ticket for one thing, they shouldn't write it for another(within reason)....But selling gamefish is illegal in most states....Dwight
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    Jack the new game warden isn't like that at all. Um this was the older guy im thinking, The new young game wardens a real go getter trust me, He likes his job a little too much so im sure if he caught some one doing that, He would have a hey day.