Is there a such thing as to deep of water?

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    ive been fishing for about 7 yrs now on the ohio, all different depths. I have heard people talk about how DEEP holes are the best to fish in when i started out and still til today. I have a hole around me that, depending on the amount of rain obviously, hits from 75 to 85 ft. deep. when i first found it i thought i had hit a goldmine until i fished it. i fished and fished and never caught a thing til last year, 1 flathead at 28 pounds. ive drifted over it many of time and as all holes at the beginning of the drop ive caught blues. it is surrounded by 45 to 55 ft of water. but after the first initial drop over the front, i mean when you actual get into the 80 ft, never catch a thing throughout the whole thing which is about lil over 100 yds long. ive anchor fished it many of time and spent plenty enough time there to gimme chances to catchem if there down there. ive heard of the thermacline but i havent studied about it to much. ive always caught fish in depths of 65 but never much over that. just want to hear a few opinons or facts all the same, thanks and good luck in the upcoming year to all.
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    welcome to the BOC, I typically dont have much luck in the very deep holes other than in specific conditions. For me those holes can produce in the winter time, but the river has to be at pool for quite some time, usually if the water is up alot i dont find many fish in the really deep (70 ft +) holes. But when the water has been slack for atleast a month or so in the winter I catch alot of fish in those areas. Thats just me though, here in the Cincinnati area there are only a few holes that i know of that are 65ft plus.

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    i have to agree winter is the time to fish them real deep holes and them blues alot of time will not always be right on the bottom they will suspended depending on time of year water temp weather the river is up or down but u can still catch them like that