Is there a real threat?

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    The following is a personal story by a very passionate lady, well informed, who has first hand experienced with the Muslims of Lebanon..... it is long......but well worth listening to her story. Eye opening indeed! I encourage you to listen
    to her story.
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    I find it extremely interesting. I was shocked at what she was saying. I believe she is right in that the American News Media only says what they want us to hear. Thank you very much for this link. I very much appreciate you brother.:big_smile:


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    As usual, the truth is a bit more complex. Though no side in that war had any claim to the "moral high ground", The "christians" began the killing.

    These two articles will get you started.

    The Beginning of the War
    The spark that ignited the war occurred in Beirut on April 13, 1975, when gunmen killed four Phalangists during an attempt on Pierre Jumayyil's life. Perhaps believing the assassins to have been Palestinian, the Phalangists retaliated later that day by attacking a bus carrying Palestinian passengers across a Christian neighborhood, killing about twenty-six of the occupants. The next day fighting erupted in earnest, with Phalangists pitted against Palestinian militiamen (thought by some observers to be from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine). The confessional layout of Beirut's various quarters facilitated random killing. Most Beirutis stayed inside their homes during these early days of battle, and few imagined that the street fighting they were witnessing was the beginning of a war that was to devastate their city and divide the country.

    Despite the urgent need to control the fighting, the political machinery of the government became paralyzed over the next few months. The inadequacies of the political system, which the 1943 National Pact had only papered over temporarily, reappeared more clearly than ever. For many observers, at the bottom of the conflict was the issue of confessionalism out of balance--of a minority, specifically the Maronites, refusing to share power and economic opportunity with the Muslim majority.

    The government could not act effectively because leaders were unable to agree on whether or not to use the army to stop the bloodletting. When Jumblatt and his leftist supporters tried to isolate the Phalangists politically, other Christian sects rallied to Jumayyil's camp, creating a further rift. Consequently, in May Prime Minister Rashid as Sulh and his cabinet resigned, and a new government was formed under Rashid Karami. Although there were many calls for his resignation, President Franjiyah steadfastly retained his office.

    As various other groups took sides, the fighting spread to other areas of the country, forcing residents in towns with mixed sectarian populations to seek safety in regions where their sect was dominant. Even so, the militias became embroiled in a pattern of attack followed by retaliation, including acts against uninvolved civilians.

    Although the two warring factions were often characterized as Christian versus Muslim, their individual composition was far more complex. Those in favor of maintaining the status quo came to be known as the Lebanese Front. The groups included primarily the Maronite militias of the Jumayyil, Shamun, and Franjiyah clans, often led by the sons of zuama. Also in this camp were various militias of Maronite religious orders. The side seeking change, usually referred to as the Lebanese National Movement, was far less cohesive and organized. For the most part it was led by Kamal Jumblatt and included a variety of militias from leftist organizations and guerrillas from rejectionist Palestinian (nonmainstream PLO) organizations. .....

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    Thanks for sharing the link. Its sad that we are being rocked to sleep while the enemy is creeping in. This should be on every news cast in America. Yes there is a real threat.
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    ill second that!
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    Anyone who doesn't think there is a real threat better wake up and smell the roses.What happened on 9-11 is just a tip of the ice burg as to what those idiots are capable of doing. Don't get to relaxed in your way of thinking. Thanks for the link.